Morning Coffee – 8 October 2015

406288422_43c9bcf048_bHere are -- . . . . to read this morning.

  • Apple releases iBooks Author update, pop-over widget support for ePub templates (TNM)
  •  Copyrights and wrongs (Tim Harford)
  • Could ancient textbooks be the source of the next medical breakthrough? (TheConversation)
  • Ebooks change the game for both backlist and export (The Shatzkin Files)
  • Pay-What-You-Want Pricing: Does it work for books? (The Book Designer)
  • The Love/Hate Relationship between Writers & Word Count (The Write Conversation)

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  1. Harford is looking at only one aspect of copyright: commercial rights. Another important aspect is control over usage. It’s not such a big deal for books, but it is for photographs and music. There are uses to which we might not want our photos and music put, and copyright allows us to publish while still letting us bar the offensive uses.

    Consider, for example, the uproar that resulted three years ago when FaceBook declared that it could use any photos posted to Instagram in advertisements. Instagram lost a lot of users before they reversed their policy. Some left because Instagram wasn’t going to pay them, but many left because they didn’t want their photos used in ads, payment or no.

    Because I want to control how my works are used, I support “lifetime” copyright. After I’m dead, I doubt I’ll care.

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