Daily Brief – 12 October 2015

7155298023_10545f6735_hHere are ten stories to read this evening.

  • 13 Creepy Bits of Bookish Trivia (BookRiot)
  • Acknowledging the Artifact: how we privilege physical books and undermine reading (Book Looks)
  • Affordable Textbook Act Aims to Reduce College Book Prices (Education News)
  • Audible Brings Graphic Novel "Locke & Key" To Life With Virtual Reality (Co.Create)
  • Captain Marvel Author Shannon Hale Highlights the Problems With Gendered Library Programs (The Mary Sue)
  • Economics research considered unreplicable (Boing Boing)
  • Hindi-language books are having their moment on Amazon (Quartz)
  • Ottawa Public Library fights the high price of e-books (Ottawa Citizen)
  • The Small Publisher Ebook Report (Summary)
  • Sorry publishers, EPUB is dying (Duff Johnson)

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4 Comments on Daily Brief – 12 October 2015

  1. The thing from Duff Johnson was a good read, especially the comments. I admire Bill McCoy because he fights the good fight. But down of the bottom of Johnson’s final reply in the comments is an especially powerful nugget that sums up the story of ePub in general and ePub 3 in particular:

    I look forward to the very first-ever “EPUB Multiple Renditions” files, and the software to view ’em. ? So far, EPUB reader implementations I’m aware of appear to have taken little advantage of many other rich features of the format; maybe this one will be different.

    One of the reasons my shop does so little ePub 3 development is because the support for all the great stuff is all but non-existent and what does exist requires a lot of effort to ensure elegant degradation across ereading systems. And if that’s the case, then little or no compelling reason to go all in.

  2. Re “Sorry publishers, EPUB is dying (Duff Johnson)”

    Sorry, but Google search trends aren’t an indication of anything in the real world.

    By the same criteria he uses, we can safely state that Duff Johnson is dying: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=duff%20johnson

    Although he seems to be enjoying a dead cat bounce of late…

  3. Actually, the back and forth between him and McCoy in the comments is very telling. All the esoterica they argue over, and are obviously devoting a lot of resources to address, have nothing to do with epub’s market relevance. Eight years after the first epub spec and they still aren’t doing a thing to define an actual commercial spec.
    They are actually arguing over tags they they admit aren’t actually used and may never be used. It’s all about the purity of the specs,epub vs pdf, no less.
    Might as well be arguing over angels dancing on the head of a pin.

    In the meantime, Apple and Amazon keep on honing their proprietary formats and selling books.

  4. @puzzled: Heh.

    FWIW, “By the same criteria he uses, we can safely state that Duff Johnson is dying” isn’t an incorrect statement… metaphysically speaking. 😀

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