Daily Brief – 18 October 2015

12736746784_40aabf15f9_hHere are thirteen stories to read this evening.

  • 10 Reasons Why Print Books are Better than eBooks (38enso Inc)
  • Buck Rogers and the Copyright Trolls (Boing Boing)
  • Dropbox's next play, Paper, is yet another collaborative writing tool (PCWorld)
  • The Dumbest Mistakes New Authors Make (WriterUnboxed)
  • Every Goosebumps Book Summarized In One Sentence (LitReactor)
  • E-books and other modern conveniences kill our sleep…or do they? (TeleRead)
  • Help! My Amazon Reviews have Disappeared! Now what? (AME)
  • Metadata that kills (MediumThe Passive Voice)
  • A Not So Short List of People to Blame for Internet Content Woes (TidBits)
  • Pond Scum: Henry David Thoreau’s moral myopia (The New Yorker, The Passive Voice)
  • Review: Read's ePub reading app for iOS will make you more productive (TNW)
  • Thank you, Walmart (Mary Campisi)
  • Why Artificial Intelligence Should Read and Write Stories (Mark Riedl)

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5 Comments on Daily Brief – 18 October 2015

  1. It’s called Daily Brief now? I liked Morning Coffee.

  2. Why not write when you want, but publish in the morning?
    I also liked the Morning Coffee [and reading it at breakfast]

  3. I don’t think you need to be so literal. I never noticed if it was posted in the morning or not. Besides, if someone wakes up and checks it out, they don’t know either. Morning coffee just seems like a good name. It wakes you up and gets you started.

    But if you insist on being time oriented, perhaps “Evening Glass of Wine.”

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