Morning Coffee – 2 November 2015

22613449952_7c427049a0_bHere are ten stories to read this morning.

  • 24 Hilarious Tweets Every Grammar Nerd Will Appreciate (Buzzfeed)
  • Amazon reviews hijacked by causes, conspiracies, rage (The Seattle Times)
  • America's Biggest Publisher of Literature In Translation is Amazon (The New Republic)
  • Check It Out with Andrew Richard Albanese: How the Google Books Case Could Change Fair Use On Campus (PW)
  • Forbes finds Google Books beneficial, but for the wrong reasons (TeleRead)
  • A Free Service For Translating Self Published Books (Derek Haines)
  • I'm a Rainbow Sprinkle (Queer People Are Not Optional) (BookRiot)
  • Kindle Paperwhite 3 Blazes Past Kindle Voyage (The eBook Reader Blog)
  • Too much of a bad thing (JayPinho)
  • Write Like You Talk (Paul Graham)

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4 Comments on Morning Coffee – 2 November 2015

  1. The item on the greater popularity of the Paperwhite over the Kindle Voyage is an interesting comment on the adage that there’s no accounting for taste. My wife and I (who both read a lot of e-books) have both found the Voyage well worth the extra cost, owing not only to the page-turn buttons but also its lighter weight. It’s clear that the market as a whole is less taken with it.

  2. The Voyage is not supposed to outsell the PW3 any more than Lexus is supposed to outsell Camry.
    It should hardly be news that it doesn’t.

  3. The New Republic piece is… interesting…
    Sniffy and condescending, it reads like Amazon’s success sticks in their craw. I don’t think ghe writer really wanted to write it. 🙂

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