Morning Coffee – 23 December 2015

6971028847_b8c8ab44f3_hHere are eight stories to read this morning.

  1. 3 speed-reading apps that will change how you read (The Daily Dot)
  2. 45 Great Sourced Quotes about Books (Interesting Literature)
  3. 500 computer-generated novels: the Nanogenmo 2015 entrants (Boing Boing)
  4. Enthrill's pivotal Christmas: Gifting ebooks in stores (The Bookseller)
  5. A list of non-“Big Five” tech company software/hardware (Anthony's Notes)
  6. Maryland to mail free books each month to Baltimore’s children (The Washington Post)
  7. Native Ads Are Here to Stay, But the FTC Wants Them Clearly Labeled (Motherboard)
  8. Reading e-books before e-ink (TeleRead)

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3 Comments on Morning Coffee – 23 December 2015

  1. Oh, hey, thanks for the plug!

    For what it’s worth, Emily Short also covered NaNoGenMo earlier this month: along with related events this autumn — a fine addition to the Boing Boing article.

  2. hahah some of those speed reading apps were released almost 2 years ago. daily dot.. catch up. lol

  3. i retract.. i now see the link to a story a year ago. it appears i read as fast as those apps ..too fast.

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  1. Sleazy writers are the new spammers—and I’m thrilled to see the FTC crack down on their Web ads disguised as articles – TeleRead

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