Morning Coffee – 6 January 2016

23562761874_08cf4100fd_bHere are eleven stories to read this morning.

  1. Barnes & Noble takes penultimate step to exiting Queens (MobyUndead)
  2. BEWARE: Catfished By A Fake Penguin Employee (Bookish Antics)
  3. Daughters Sue 'Big Bang Theory' Over Infringing Use Of Mother's 82-Year-Old Poem 'Warm Kitty' (Techdirt)
  4. Facebook just gave us one more reason never to trust it (The Verge)
  5. Library program has children creating their own books (
  6. The Price Point: What Coverage of Print Books’ Improved Sales Ignored (Observer)
  7. U.S. Supreme Court seen as unlikely to take up Google Books fair use case (Inside Higher Ed)
  8. Um … about that American Libraries article we wrote (Stewart Varner)
  9. Unofficial Apple Icon Design Awards (Eli Schiff)
  10. Why Medium as the Internet's Op-ed Page Makes Sense (Fortune)
  11. Will e-books ‘replace’ paper books? Only in ‘Star Trek’ (TeleRead)

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  1. The year is now 2016 🙂

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