Morning Coffee – 7 January 2016

23842355999_45a3cfd7f8_hHere are seven stories to read this morning.

  1. Ad Tech Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Advertising | DigitalNext (AdAge)
  2. Authors could become an 'endangered species' thanks to e-book deals (Telegraph)
  3. Bookbub by the Numbers in 2015 (The Passive Voice)
  4. Dr. Jones tells all about the Aztecs (Awful Library Books)
  5. GQ And Forbes Go After Ad Blocker Users Rather Than Their Own Shitty Advertising Inventory (Techdirt)
  6. Want Better E Ink Displays for the Kindle? Bug Amazon (Motherboard)
  7. When Publishers Completely Suck (Because Writing)

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6 Comments on Morning Coffee – 7 January 2016

  1. The Telegraph piece conveniently forgets that, while ebook terms only deliver 25% of net (17% of the sale price) pbooks still constitute 70-75% of sales and those contract terms run 8-12% of list, which works out to 12-18% of net. The real issue nobody dares mention is that declining incomes predates ebooks and is due to declining unit book sales due to rising prices and a shift towards the more expensive formats.

  2. So I tried turning off my ad blocker on Forbes, just to see. Techdirt is right. If that’s “ad-light,” I’d really hate to see what it would look like if they were trying for ad-heavy. Blinking banner along the top. Two HUGE blinking ads down the right side. Probably something on the left but by that time I was too overloaded to process any more.

  3. An interesting new development in the Ad Blocker War of ’15-’16: The other day I was loading up a site and got a prompt from AdBlock Plus that noted this site has code to nag about AdBlock and asked if I would like to hide the nag notices.

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