Morning Coffee – 8 January 2016

23605204553_584867575c_bHere are xxxxx stories to read this morning.

  1. The Bill Gates Bump: How A Billionaire Is Helping To Save The Publishing Industry From Itself (Forbes)
  2. E Ink showcases digital signage, luggage tags, and more at CES 2016 (Liliputing)
  3. FYI: Penguin Random House Is Still In The Vanity Business (David Gaughran)
  4. The Importance of Body Representation in Comics (BookRiot)
  5. A world-building puzzler (Charlie's Diary)

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5 Comments on Morning Coffee – 8 January 2016

  1. The Forbes article is blocked by their “We own your web browser” claim.

  2. You sure? I use an ad-blocker, and all I get is a thing that has me wait a few seconds, then click through to see the article. Maybe try anonymous browsing mode?

  3. I’m using ublock, no issues. I’m wondering if this is adblock plus? Ditto with the GQ issue posted yesterday. I believe Adblock plus allows websites to pay them money to disable their add-on on their sites.

  4. I get a splash page telling me to switch of my Ad Blocker (I’m not using one, just standard Chrome/PC no plug-ins), and a “Proceed to Article” type button in the top right. When I click that, it thanks me for turning off my ad blocker (again, not using one), and then continues to the article. First time I’ve seen that on Forbes, but might not have been there for a few weeks. Looks like there has been a redesign.

  5. With the Forbes article on my win 10 tablet using–Adblock Plus and ghostery–I get the turn off your ad blocker, with my Linux Mint PC using–Adblock Plus and ghostery–goes straight to the article.

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