Morning Coffee – 11 January 2015

24269729316_63e4659f09_hHere are twelve stories to read this morning.

  1. 13 Books To Read Before They Become Movies In 2016 (Romper)
  2. All-in-One Conference: Copyright and Technology (CCC's Beyond the Book)
  4. The Authors Guild: A Mouse Roaring (Medium)
  5. Business Musings: The Reactive Business Model (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
  6. Copyright Industry Rhetoric Ignores The Existence Of Linux And Wikipedia (TorrentFreak)
  7. Do You Read Differently Online and in Print? (Nautilus)
  8. German Publishers Still Upset That Google Sends Them Traffic Without Paying Them Too; File Lawsuit (Techdirt)
  9. Hyphen: An EPUB Reader for Everyone (MacStories)
  10. Most-browsed book in the UN library in 2015? A primer on war-crime immunity (The Guardian)
  11. Traditional Publishing: What's It Good For? (Jane FriedmanThe Passive Voice)
  12. Why are there so few girls in children’s books? (The Washington Post)

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  1. I just downloaded the app, Hyphen, to my iPad. It was worth 2.99 to me to see if it was as wonderful as touted in the above article. It was. It’s a simple matter to link it to Dropbox and select epub books to download from there. I’m especially impressed with how it handles illustrations. Finally an epub reader I can live with! I do have a Kobo, but if you are reading a book with illustrations, it is much better using Hyphen on the iPad.

  2. Hyphen: An EPUB Reader for Everyone

    Correction: “Hyphen: An EPUB Reader for Everyone with a MAC”

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