Amazon Now Requiring Kindle4PC Updates by 1 April

Amazon is following up the required Kindle firmware update announced earlier this week with another update, this time for the Kindle app for Windows.

A reader has told me, and I can sort of confirm, that Amazon is requiring Kindle4PC app to be updated by 1 April. Amazon hasn't said what is included in the update, just that it "addresses bug fixes and includes general improvements and performance enhancements". But we do know that they want you to install Kindle4PC version 1.14.1 by the end of next month.

Update: This story has been confirmed by a second source.

One thing I can tell you is that the app has a slightly different interface from before:

kindle for pc 1.14.1

Alas, I can't show you a before photo; Amazon updated the app without asking my permission or informing me. All I did was download the installer; Amazon ran it without asking (this is not supposed to happen under my Windows 7 security settings).

To be clear, I did not see the message and can't say whether this update is required, but the fact that Amazon ran the update without my permission suggests that my source was correct.

Edit: No, I made a mistake. There's a checkbox in the options menu for the app to install updates as soon as they are available.

You can download the new version of Kindle4PC from

If you have any details about the update, or the changes it makes to the app, please do leave a comment. We're all curious about Amazon's sudden interest.

Thanks, Fbone, for the tip!

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5 Comments on Amazon Now Requiring Kindle4PC Updates by 1 April

  1. Good to know. I had almost forgotten about the PC app. I usually just use Kindle Cloud Reader.

  2. Nate,
    At one moment the de-DRM tools for Kindle content required quite old version of Kindle for PC. This is not case anymore. You could use the de-DRM program with Kindle for PC if you did not have physical Kindle to insert your serial number into unofficial Calibre plugin from Apprentice Alf.

    Do the existing de-DRM tools work with the new Kindle for PC?

  3. Is the Windows 10 support new? I feel like my only prior option was the software in the Microsoft Store.

    • That’s a complicated question.

      Like many companies, Amazon developed a new app for Win8/metro/Win10 which was separate from the previous Kindle app.
      Here’s the fun part: the new Kindle app is not backwards compatible to Win7, but the old Kindle app is forwards compatible (but only on x86 CPUs).

      So yes, the old K4PC app always worked on Win10.

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