Got a Freewrite by Astrohaus? Want to Write a Review?

hemingwrite-2[1]When the much anticipated Freewrite retro word processor launched last month, I expected that we would soon have the chance to read several user reviews of the $500 glorified typewriter.

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.

I've spent the morning combing the web, but I can't find any user reviews. The few reviews I did find were based on a few minutes spent with the Freewrite. Flavorwire, for example, talks about using it, but their piece was based on a brief visit to the Astrohaus offices. It was about as deep as the hands-on report I wrote at CES 2015, and both could do a better job at helping potential buyers decide if the Freewrite is worth the high cost.

So if you have one, or bought one and returned it, I'd like to hear from you.

I'm inviting reviews of the Freewrite, or just comments if that's what you're comfortable with writing. Send me an email, or leave a comment, and we can discuss the matter.

hemingwrite lap

For those who didn't follow every bit of gadget news over the past year and a half, the Freewrite (formerly the Hemingwrite) is a new and expensive take on the word processor. It features a mechanical keyboard, a 6" E-ink screen, Wifi, storage for a million plus pages of text, and not much else.

It's running software that is intentionally limited so that the Freewrite can only be used as a word processor. Sure, it can upload your docs to cloud services like Dropbox and Evernote, but the Freewrite lacks even a backspace key or cursors (and I'm not even sure it can download docs, either).

Many writers, including George RR Martin, keep a second computer on hand to fill the same need as the Freewrite. Those machines usually have their connectivity disabled (and most apps deleted) so that the writer can work without distraction.

For example, you could copy the idea of a Freewrite by taking a $150 Chromebook, installing a distraction-free writing app, and then leaving the Wifi turned off. Or, you could get an Alphasmart Neo for $30 on Ebay and use that.

And with that kind of competition, is the Freewrite really worth it?

I would tend to agree with Teleread and say that at $500 the Freewrite is not worth the expense, but then again I have not spent any serious amount of time with one.

I have ordered a Freewrite, and I plan to post a review, but if you have a Freewrite everyone would still like to hear from you.

I have a bunch of questions, but I don't want to deluge you with queries so let me ask the most open-ended one:

What do you think of the Freewrite?

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32 Comments on Got a Freewrite by Astrohaus? Want to Write a Review?

  1. It’s all about the keyboard for me. If the keyboard was really terrific, it might make sense. Otherwise, as you say, you might as well simply have a laptop with connectivity disabled and few apps for distraction. Battery power used to be an issue, but decent laptops these days have solved that.

    And what, George RR Martin has two computers, one disabled from the internet, and he STILL CAN’T GET HIS BOOKS WRITTEN ON SCHEDULE!

  2. Sounds like an updated Alphamate. I loved the Alphamate, but it wasn’t even $500.00.

  3. It takes an awful lot of chutzpah to name something costing that much money “Free” anything.

  4. The fact that you’ve scoured the internet and cannot find a single user says just about all that needs to be said.

  5. I’m looking forward to your review when it comes, I’ve been doing the same, and scouring the web for reviews. Two points about the Freewrite that make it different to a chromebook and the other solutions you offered, the mechanical keyboard and the daylight readable screen. E-ink is a great idea for a display on a writing device, the more light that falls on it, the clearer it gets, even in direct sunlight. Mechanical keyboards with cherry MX switches are never cheap. I own two and they are world’s apart from membrane keyboards when it comes to touch typing.

  6. I’m still waiting on mine and hoping the SDK has operated well enough for me to install a backspace/move-around hack. That was always my beef with the Free/Hemingwrite and the creators were, imo, stupidly obstinate about something so basic. I’m also wondering about *downloading* documents to it as well.

    • It’s not even an opinion. They were stupidly obstinate about having an arrow key/navigation function. They lost a lot of backers because of that (myself included). What good is such a device without a navigation function? Even the Alphasmart does that. And it hasn’t limited my productivity at all.

      • I hesitate to use the word stupidity, but what we have here is the situation of an owner planning to program in a basic and obvious feature that the makers refuse to add.

        You’re right. That’s just stupid.

  7. I’M a keyboard snob, I admit it. I love Gate Ron blue switches much more than Cherry blues. Free write uses cherry browns which Is just ok to me.

    And for your 500 dollars Nate, you have 30 days to send it back for refund. Also the warranty is only 30 days. Yes that’s right, I have written confirmation this 500 dollar device is covered for 30 days. You might Want to pick up a service contract if you keep it.

  8. That’s Gateron* blues. My spell checker trying to help me out again and failing.

  9. Guess I have been living under a rock(usually I only hide there temporarily), ’cause I haven’t heard about this thing.

    My method is connecting a $10 Micro USB keyboard from eBay to my phone(that I hate using for all the things I usually let distract me) and then write in Google Docs. With that small a screen as on this thing, I figure it’s pretty much the same experience in the end.

  10. I went to AWP a couple of weeks ago, went to the Freewrite table, and typed on one. I am extraordinarily picky about keyboards, and this one is AMAZING. It’s like a much better IBM Selectric – satisfying, clacky, just the right amount of resistance.

    I am a writer, but my writing process means that I have no real need for a Freewrite. I ordered one anyway. The aura (and the feel of that keyboard) was too irresistible. Sadly, it won’t come until July or later, so I won’t be helpful as a reviewer; by then, all the Kickstarterers and many other buyers will have gotten theirs.

  11. I just got a text message today that it should be delivered on the 5th. The main reason I ordered it is because I got the super earlybird Kickstarter and because of the battery life. I have a laptop that’s on the way out (it’s about seven years old) and it can barely keep up with the speed that I type not to mention, untethered, I get maybe two hours before it has to be plugged in. In a way, my lappy does help because it’s so slow that even going online is cumbersome so I don’t unless it’s story related and then stop because I want to punch it. I figure the Freewrite shouldn’t be so laggy and I’m hoping, since it’s minimalist in its functions, that it would last for a longer time than me buying a new laptop. …plus, the keyboard! 😀

  12. Sounds like Aisha and I are in a similar boat, though I took delivery of mine yesterday.

    It’s a very strange device. It definitely does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak, but nothing else. Keyboard is great (Cherry MX Browns, so you get what you pay for), screen is fine. Very slow refresh rate, and no control over the frontlight though (it’s on when the device is on, and that’s it). The metal parts of the cassis are AWESOME quality! They feel super super good (as do the switches), but the bottom plate has a strangely hollow feeling. I haven’t figured out how to actually get content /onto/ it, only how to sync it off. If you try to edit the files it produces on another system (via Dropbox in my case) it doesn’t sync them back, they just conflict. There is no charging or battery indicatory anywhere, in hardware or software. You can create new documents in each of the 3 ‘folders’, but you cannot navigate between them. So if you start a new document in a folder…. you can’t ever go back. There are no arrow keys – which is fine for writing early drafts – but also means you can’t really leave yourself notes at the bottom of the document or anything (which I like to do).

    Overall, a mixed bag. For a hardware Kickstarter? I’m sorta impressed! Not only did they actually ship what they promised but it fundamentally works too! Though this is more of an MVP level and needs time to mature. I’m waiting with bated breath.

    If anyone has questions, holler and I’ll see if I can answer them.

  13. Mine is on its way – I’m expecting delivery soon. I see some negative comments in this thread about lack of navigation, arrows, backspace, switching between documents etc. If those aspects are considered a disadvantage, then this product is not for you. It is not trying to be a small computer. Think of it as a typewriter with immediate transcription into electronic form. If that is what appeals, then this product is the right one.

  14. love mine!! see the review in the atlantic, it describes my experience…

  15. Received the device today – friday the 13-th was a perfect day to receive such device, when all it delivers is a pure form dissapointment.

    I even don’t know where to start – two hours later I’m still tinkering with sync PostBox settings, it has managed to crash 6 or 7 times, full reboot required, by holding power button. Writing itself is not better – e-ink screen has terrible lag, and keyboard is overresponsive – a very very ligh keypress is already registered, so I make twice more errors than typing on other devices (with mechanical keyboards, by the way) I will post an in-depth review in my blog soon, but I’m really tempted not to use Freewrite for writing it.

    Someone really does not understand what “sync” really means – there is no “syncing”, just tansferring files to deopbox, google+ or evernote. No way to get the files back on the device, which is a really big “No” for me.

    There is no direct data sync as well – only by Astrohaus managed Postbox account.So, if for one or another reason Astrohaus would cease to exist, you loose all data transfer options.

    PC connection not working as well, although it was listed as a possible way for data transfer.

    Sorry, Astrohaus, for 500 USD device with only 90 days warranty you could have done better.

    If anyone is interested in more details, just drop me a note – however, I hope to finish the review this weekend!

  16. Sebastian Masarani // 20 May, 2016 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    Nate, sounds like your a hater. Do you have anything more important that you can accomplish in life other than putting a product down that you have hated from the get go? #toomuchtimeforbs How did that FCC ID checkout?

  17. I received the Freewrite as a gift from my husband, it started up well enough, took a bit more than it should have to sync though. The Freewrite boasts that with wifi off and normal use, the battery should last 3-4 weeks. My battery died almost instantly without any use. (I’m in planning stage and wasn’t able to immediately use the device.) After having it plugged in, in three different outlets, the device has yet to recharge, it’s completely dead in that regard.

    The design is great, I mean, it’s light and portable, the keyboard is nice – since I’m not a fan of laptop keyboards. It looks like it should be a home-run for people who want a portable transcription device with a sense of design flair, but… clearly, there was no quality testing done here, and given that they had nearly two years to modify this device, I’m skeptical of even getting a replacement since how do I know I won’t get one with another flaw? Youtube videos are already showing syncing problems and key mapping failures – HUGE flaws for writers.

    It’s so much so, that for my time and money, I just want my money back at this point unless they can guarantee me a tested, flawless machine with a year’s warranty at the very least.

    Needless to say, I’m immensely disappointed. I had very high hopes, I wanted to test the Freewrite against my hand-written work for time differences and I was mailed a dud. If they want to make this right, they need to return my money and fix this machine for me to consider their company a viable enterprise, since they had so much time to get it right originally, they owe the kickstarter backers big time for their defective devices.

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