Morning Coffee – 22 March 2016

25870995791_05628e90bf_oHere are ten stories to read this morning.

  1. The Cultural Appropriation Primer (Medium)
  2. DOJ To Court: Hey, Can We Postpone Tomorrow's Hearing? We Want To See If We Can Use This New Hole To Hack In (Techdirt)
  3. For me, traditional publishing means poverty. But self-publish? No way (The Passive Voice)
  4. Hulk Hogan's $115 Million Win Against Gawker Raises Serious First Amendment Questions (Techdirt)
  5. James Patterson Has a Big Plan for Small Books (The New York Times)
  6. Medium spins off Matter as “sort of an incubator” for digital storytellers (Nieman Journalism Lab)
  7. Richard Stallman Braved a Winter Storm Last Night to March Against DRM (Motherboard)
  8. Sci-Hub, LibGen, and Total Information Awareness (Go To Hellman)
  9. What happens when you write 11,000 blog posts? (Medium)
  10. When the Apocalypse is Your Religion (Literary Hub)

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7 Comments on Morning Coffee – 22 March 2016

  1. Something wrong with the link to Go to Hellman

  2. DOJ To Court: Hey, Can We Postpone Tomorrow’s Hearing? We Know We’re Going To Lose, So We’re Going To Try Undermining The Public’s Confidence In Apple’s Security By Claiming To Have Found Another Way In

    • One report I saw said they *always* had a way in and that the whole effort was really an exercise to get the court to give them what Congress won’t. They did not expect the entire tech industry and Congress to jump in and the move backfired so they’re trying to disengage.

  3. The FBI concluded they were going to lose, so they’re not even going to waste their time or set a precedent they don’t like. This really makes them look foolish.

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