A Selection of April Fools Jokes (2015)

library of catsWith pretty much all tech companies posting a joke, there's no shortage of April Fools jokes this year. We even have an excess of good jokes, so this afternoon I took a few minutes and pulled together a list of a few of the better 1 April jokes related to ebooks, digital publishing, and IP (plus one I am recycling from last year just so I can use the photo).

Did you find any good ones to add to this list?

  1. Authors Guild, Authors United stop pretending; admit they just don’t like innovation (TeleRead)
  2. Congratulations to Creative Commons on new CC-BY-NV license ()
  3. The Devil is suing a man for unwanted advocacy (Gadgette)
  4. Kindle Flame to Ship This Month, Has Liquavista Screen (The Digital Reader)
  5. Library of Cats (Facebook)
  6. Opera "Paper" Products (Youtube)
  7. Pan Macmillan publishes a coloring audiobook (Youtube)
  8. Precolored Coloring Books (Powell's Books)
  9. Michael Dorn to Narrate New Lord Of The Rings iPad App (The Digital Reader)

And my favorite:

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19 Comments on A Selection of April Fools Jokes (2015)

  1. I can think of a number of books that qualify for the CC-BY-NV license.

  2. Here’s Bruce Campbell’s AFD joke (wish it were real!)

    Also, Berke Breathed has pulled a terribly amusing one over on his Facebook page

  3. Another coloring book. I thought this one better written than most jokes I have seen today. You and Chris did a good job too.


  4. Oh, and I just assumed the article about Apple’s walled garden being doomed was the April Fools joke.

  5. Google Cardboard Plastic: the world’s first actual reality headset.

  6. Joe Konrath posted a good one on his blog. Appeared he fooled at least one anonymous visiter.

    The cover design for his next Jack Daniel’s book was pretty impressive as well.


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