Morning Coffee – 17 May 2016

26442614343_64e3fbd0a8_hHere are seven stories to read this morning.

  1. The craze for adult colouring books shows how we've all become infants (The Telegraph)
  2. A few thoughts on standardisation, W3C, and the IDPF (Baldur Bjarnason)
  3. Introducing Spaces, a tool for small group sharing (Official Google Blog)
  4. New Publishing Models in the US and UK (The Alliance of Independent Authors)
  5. Paper Books Vs. eBooks: The State of the Art of Reading (HuffPost)
  6. What's Up With Not Giving People The Articles They Ask For? (baekdal)
  7. Why You Should Read Weird Fiction (BookRiot)

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2 Comments on Morning Coffee – 17 May 2016

  1. Excellent piece on the ill-conceived IDPF/W3C merger, even if he tries to be diplomatic about his clear disdain for the publishers. Pretty clear the IDPF is trying to get the W3C to solve their problems for them.

    Also clear that both organizations suffer one common failing: an inability to accurately assess the implementation cost and added value of features. Ivory tower confabulation typically leads to a lot of dead weight goldplating.

    His prescription is spot on: work the issues from the grass roots up instead of from the glass towers down.

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