Morning Coffee – 27 May 2016

27264664065_fd34dc0b8a_bHere are ten stories to read this morning.

  1. Business Musings: The Grant of Rights Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
  2. Consumers believe they have more rights than they really do in digital media (TeleRead)
  3. Hollywood films drive Australian library book tastes (SMH)
  4. Is Patreon the Way Forward for Publishing? (BookRiot)
  5. Libraries feel the eBook pinch (Toronto Star)
  6. Should it be legal to resell e-books, software, and other digital goods? (Ars Technica UK)
  7. Taking a Closer Look at Comixology Unlimited (Panels)
  8. Watch How a Real Gutenberg Press Makes Books (Popular Mechanics)
  9. Why I write about battleships (Wikimedia blog)

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  1. It is nice that there are people that love to write about warships and have made it their hobby on Wikipedia. I have contributed a lot to Wikipedia over the years, and that includes the “e-book” article, which is how I found this blog since it is important to find references. I don’t have a focused topic, but “Amazon Kindle” is the article I have spent the most time working on.

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