Morning Coffee – 14 June 2016

27572198741_e6942ab929_hHere are seven stories to read this morning.

  1. 9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books (Fluentu)
  2. Eight is Not Enough: Second Circuit Adopts Eleven Factor Nominative Fair Use Test  (Trademark and Copyright Law)
  3. Finding the Public Domain Toolkit: Identifying Items Not Subject to Copyright (U-M Library)
  4. “Hamilton” and the Books That Hamilton Held (The New Yorker)
  5. If you doubted there was gender bias in literature, this study proves you wrong (The Guardian)
  6. The most frequently stolen books (Kottke)
  7. What was missing from Apple’s WWDC keynote? E-books (TeleRead)

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  1. Not only was iBooks missing from the keynote, but pretty soon it’s going to be missing from your homescreen; it’s one of the apps Apple is going to enable people to remove from their devices altogether (and not all the Apple apps are getting that functionality; one is not, for example, going to be able to remove Camera).

    The other thing to consider, though, is that maybe it’s time to stop thinking about digital reading on Apple devices as ebooks and start thinking apps. The App Store got some major attention (and ahead of time, too, which is almost unheard of from Apple), and the ebook apps in the App Store (Device 6, iPoe, Shakespeare, Aesop, Eliot, et al.) are really interesting.

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