Kindle Update v5.8.1 Restores Reading Progress Dots, Adds New Sharing Options

11250885086_1749b2b7af_hAmazon has released a new firmware update today for its Kindle ereaders. The update is available for download from the Amazon website and adds the following features to the Voyage, Paperwhite, and basic Kindle:

  • Reading Progress Dots: We listened to feedback from our customers and brought reading progress dots back to your library. You can now see reading progress and relative book length for downloaded books in the library list view.
  • More Ways to Share: Recommend books to friends from About This Book.
  • Kindle Unlimited Recommendations: Try Kindle Unlimited for free and see recommended Kindle Unlimited titles after choosing your favorite genres.
  • Save Wi-Fi Passwords to Your Amazon Account: Save your Wi-Fi passwords to your Amazon account for future convenience. We can configure your compatible devices so that you won't need to reenter your Wi-Fi passwords on each device.

I have installed the update, and I can also confirm that this update did not add the Voiceview feature to my 6th-gen Kindle Paperwhite.

Launched last month, that accessibility feature is still limited to the Oasis and latest generation Kindle Paperwhite (also the Kindle Voyage, but you'll have to manually install an extra update).

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30 Comments on Kindle Update v5.8.1 Restores Reading Progress Dots, Adds New Sharing Options

  1. Oasis update 5.8.1 is also available.

  2. its a little design thing.. but the dots were nice. i’m glad they’re back.

  3. I am glad the dots are back. I did not like the % complete over each ebook.
    It is only updates the Kindle 7, Paperwhite 2 and 3, Voyage and Oasis.

  4. The 6th gen Paperwhite (or ‘PW 2’) has only 256MB RAM, not enough to support VoiceView.

  5. Just updated voyage and don’t see progress dots…. Is there a setting I need to change? Liked the dots. Still has time and percent showing.

  6. Wait…only books downloaded from Amazon and only in list view not while reading? Is that correct? Worthless! Why bother?

    • Same reaction! I was excited to see the progress bar while reading. Guess I read the announcement too quickly. :/ Who cares about list view?

    • you have to manually update the voyage from the amazon website. connect your kindle to your computer and pull over the bin file to your root directory. update kindle.. )poof( reading dots appear and on ANY document (not just downloaded books).

  7. I see no reason to update. After the update that ruined Helvetica- fortunately reverted to former Helvetica with a subsequent update- my default mode for Kindle updates is “Thanks but no thanks.”

    • You won’t be able to avoid it forever if you ever turn wifi on, as they are sent automatically.

    • Dots show (again) on my PW3 and Kindle (but I never missed them in the first place). Verify that your Voyage is indeed on 5.8.1 (Settings menu ‘Device Info’). Perhaps you had the wrong .bin file and so it just didn’t update.

  8. What can I say … crap!
    Where are the options that the vast majority of users ask for a long time, such as:
    – Book cover as screensaver?
    – Zero page margin?
    – More typographic options?

  9. Not seeing the dots in my Voyage after running this update manually. Anyone else?

  10. @Caroline: The dots are back only on “List View”, so if you are using “Cover View” like me you need to switch views when you need the dots.

    And like the “%” wasn’t enough now they added another s**t over the book cover. Now all my downloaded books have a tick sign on the bottom left corner so I can never forget they are on my kindle not on kindle cloud like I don’t know… FFS Amazon srly?!!?!? So you can’t bring back the dots on cover view because it will ruin your “new and clear” design but you can add even more useless stuff over the book cover?

  11. I must have misunderstood – I thought the progress dots would be in the book itself. Damn and blast.

  12. Installed new Firmware and checked this on 2 Kindle Voyage, 1 registered in USA; 1 in Germany:
    the Sharing is not obviously changed from the previous firmware:
    EMail, Twitter, Facebook
    + Goodreads, and a Goodreads icon in the top symbol bar. This is the main reason I have registered a Kindle in USA, so I use Goodreads directly without using the App on iOS or with a browser on the computer. Also, interesting, the new g for Goodreads seems more important to Amazon than the Browser, which is still only a Beta-Browser.

  13. So really, just to say it out loud, I am as underwhelmed as others with this update. Should or could have at least installed the new font, so it is on par with the Oasis.

  14. Thinking back, I am reasonably sure the sharing options where introduced with Firmware 7.4 which was fast followed with 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 .

  15. Awesome, good to see the dots return thanks for the headsup.

  16. I agree it looks really cluttered now, with the dots, percentages and ugly check mark. Oh my gosh, what happened to just dots??

  17. I am glad the dots are back but I can’t seem to find the Time to Read feature anymore. The user’s guide says I need to turn it on in “the menu” but I can’t figure out which menu. Does anyone know?

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