Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Saturday, June 18

22310715395_c90caa233f_hEditor's Note: The following is a compilation of tweets from @PaulKBiba, the former editor of Teleread.

Research on literacy improvements from using ebooks and ereaders (@worldreaders)

How the iPad frees musicians from sheet music while connecting them to history (iMore)

How to Use BookBub to Boost Sales of Self-Published Books (Self-Publishing Advice)

Print + digital = a growing business in book bundling: Interview with Shelfie’s Peter Hudson (Teleread)

An Experiment in Amazon Sales Rank,By Dan Koboldt (@DanKoboldt)

9 Cool Sites for Chinese E-books to Learn on the Go (FluentU)

Nigeria: Don Canvasses E-Books to Revive Reading Culture Among Youths (All Africa)

eBook Distribution: Understanding Your NCX or eBook Table of Contents (Lulu)

E-book publisher Matrubharti raises seed funding from Viridian Capital (VC Circle)

Preservation: On the University of Arkansas Libraries Plan to Build $11.4 Million High-Density Storage Facility (InfoDocket)

New Chapter for Classic Paris Bookstore: Books Printed on Demand (NYTimes)

Wattpad teams up with Turner and Tales from the Crypt (TechCrunch)

Global E-Books Market Report 2016 - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts - Contains 22 Data Tables (InfoDocket)

Boersenverein: German eBook Sales up 4.7% in 2015 (The Digital Reader)

Examining the Interconnections Between Copyright Law & The Mission Of The Library: Focusing on Digital First Sale (InfoDocket)

Apple Launched iBooks Editions, And No One Noticed (The Digital Reader)

The Market for Audiobooks in India( Digital Book World)

The Economics of Book Digitization and the Google Books Litigation, by Hannibal Travis (SSRN)

A new report on ebook trends is out, but its prohibitive cost makes it affordable only to some. Why? (NSR)

Penguin Revives Decades-Old Software for 30th Anniversary Edition of “The Blind Watchmaker” (The Digital Reader)

Kindle Update v5.8.1 Restores Reading Progress Dots, Adds New Sharing Options (The Digital Reader)

The Getty Research Portal Grows with a New Design and More Than 100,000 Digitized Volumes (The Getty Blog)

Typography nerds will love Google’s revamped site for Web fonts (TNW)

eBooks Make Up 7% of Dutch Book Sales, Most of Which Occur in Physical Bookstores (The Digital Reader)

Ebook Subscriptions: Nathan Hull Departs Mofibo, Following Storytel Buyout (PP)

E-books fair game for public libraries, says advisor to top Europe court (Ars Technica)

My Latest Advice on Book Publishing and Marketing (Jane Friedman)

Amazon Lowers the Boom on Discount eBook Sites (The Digital Reader)

E-Books For #Libraries: #ODILO Adds New Content, Services & New #Library and Publishing Partners (InfoDocket)

Authors: Dan Brown Donates 300,000 Euros to Ritman Library in Amsterdam to Digitize Ancient Texts (InfoDocket)

Did Amazon Drop the eBook Affiliates Because They were No Longer Needed, or to Improve the User Experience? (The Digital Reader)

Kindle Unlimited Funding Jumps in May 2016 as the Payout Takes a Slight Dip (The Digital Reader)

The dual-screen E Ink Gvido is like a Kindle for sheet music (The Digital Reader)

Interview Katie Donelan, Director of Bus. Dev. at Bookbub  (The Kindle Chronicles)

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