The Paulig Muki Coffee Mug Lets You Post Updates to its E-ink Screen

paulig mukiFor the past couple years the Finnish coffee company Paulig has been working on a connected coffee mug, and now it is finally ready.

The Paulig Muki is an insulated coffee mug with a 2.7" E-ink screen. It's powered by the coffee you pour into it, and connects over Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Owners can fill the cup with their preferred hot beverage, and then use their smartphone to push an image to be displayed on screen.  Some display an image, claim the mug with their name, or post an amusing or pithy saying.

The Muki costs 59 euros, and is shipping today.

P.S. For those who are interested, "Muki" is the Finnish word for "mug", which just goes to show that Paulig has creative genius on par with the team at Apple that named the "News", "Music", and other apps.

image via Instagram

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  1. I had forgotten all about them until receiving an email today from a signup I forgot I had done. In my case, the email said they wouldn’t be shipping outside of the EU, so much for that!

    Also, you should clarify your post. It says available for pre-order, and shipping today, which are somewhat conflicting statements.

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