Texture is Offering a Free Fire Tablet w\Six Month Sub – Good Deal

amazon fire tablet textureIf you're in the market to get a Fire tablet, or perhaps want to check out Texture's Netflix-style magazine subscription service, then I have the deal for you.

Texture is now offering new subscribers a free Fire tablet (8GB  or 16 GB) when they sign up for a six month subscription to their magazine newsstand service. The sub costs $90, and about a week after you pay for it Texture will send you a promo code which can be redeemed for a $50 or $70 Fire tablet.

Texture (formerly known as Next Issue) is boasting that the subscription offers access to the best magazines, and can be accessed from up to five devices. There's also an easy-to-search archive of back issues, and daily curated collections of stories.

Curiously, this bundle offer is coming from Texture, but the subscription is being handled by Amazon (and so is the tablet fulfillment, for that matter). It's not clear what Amazon is getting out of this (other than a cut of the subscription fees) but the fact that the two companies are working together is worth noting.

This offer might remind you of the brief surge in tablet/ereader bundle offers from 2011 and 2012. Those typically combined cheap hardware with either a magazine or newspaper subscription, and most of the deals were withdrawn by the middle of 2013.

Those deals had middling success because in many cases neither the publisher or their subcontractors had the know-how to ship and support the hardware (some struggled to even keep the app up and running).

Now it looks like Amazon is reviving the idea, only with fulfillment handled entirely by Amazon.

How soon do you think we'll see other publishers or distributors offer this kind of deal through Amazon?


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4 Comments on Texture is Offering a Free Fire Tablet w\Six Month Sub – Good Deal

  1. > It’s not clear what Amazon is getting out of this

    All their advertising in front of more customers without having to give the tablets away themselves?

  2. As usual, it is restricted to the US 🙁

  3. I am surprised Amazon does not offer more bundles like this offer to get more of their own ereaders and tablets in the hands of their customers. If it is worth it for Texture to do this, wouldn’t it be worthwhile for Amazon to offer a free Kindle or Fire with a purchase of say 18 months of KU or a gift card for $150 worth of ebooks?

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