Morning Coffee – 16 September 2016

29652166925_4587c61367_bHere are six stories to read this morning.

  1. Columbia Announces Partnership With Barnes & Noble for New Online Lion Store (
  2. E-ink eReaders, and the Last Meter problem. (Of Digital Mice and Men)
  3. How Kickstarter became one of the biggest powers in publishing (The Guardian)
  4. On Refusing to Read (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  5. This Ebook Publisher Doesn’t Have Authors. It Has Writers’ Rooms (WIRED)
  6. Why There's No Innovation in the Publishing Industry (The Digital Reader)

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4 Comments on Morning Coffee – 16 September 2016

  1. Seems like not a day goes by without some article on how E-ink readers are better because they’re “distracion-free”. Don’t any of these idiots know that you can turn off the wireless on any tablet for that? There are valid reasons for getting an E-ink device. Limited functionality isn’t one of them.

  2. I’ve gotten so tired of articles claiming one thing or another is best for reading: Books are best because they smell! They have actual pages! E-readers are best because there’s nothing else on them! Cereal boxes are best because they stand upright! (okay, maybe not that last one) People have different needs and different preferences; I find it easiest to read on a tablet or phone; someone else may hate that. Why can’t people (and publishers) accept that there are variety of ways to access books now, and people will use whatever works for them.

  3. My kids love reading the back of the cereal boxes at breakfest! Wouldn’t it be cool if Cheerios made a series of boxes with Shakespeare’s sonnets and play excerpts, Longfellow, and some Mark Twain too.

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