Amazon Starts Black Friday Early, Puts Kindles on Sale at up to $30 Off

kindle-white-black-amazon Amazon has once again put the Kindle on sale, and this time the discount runs through 28 November.

The price of the basic Kindle has been reduced by $30, the Kindle Paperwhite was discounted $20, the Kindle Voyage's price dropped$30, and the worry-free Kindle for Kids Bundle was reduced by $30 as well.

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6 Comments on Amazon Starts Black Friday Early, Puts Kindles on Sale at up to $30 Off

  1. Do you think that Amazon will release new models for the holidays? Since if that’s the case, I think holding off on purchasing any new Kindles would be best.

    • Nope.

      Well, if Amazon is going to release a new model, it will be out either Monday or Tuesday. They won’t want to miss too much of the holiday season.

      But I would bet any amount you care to name that that won’t happen.

    • In the last five years, new Kindles have come out in Oct or Nov if there was going to be a new one for the Holidays, so it is very unlikely a new one will come out next month.
      It is possible there will be a new model next Spring 2017.

  2. Can’t go back to a 6″ Kindle after using the Kobo Aura one. It’s like downgrading from a 50″ HDTV in the living room to a 32″ with less specs. No way! Don’t care about Kindle sales.

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