Coupon: $5 Off a $5 ebook at Google Play Books

Google is running a promotion right now in Google Play Books where they are giving away a $5 credit which can be applied to the purchase of any single book priced $5 and up.

The offer does come with some strings attached; there's a limit of one per customer, and it is not available everywhere.

But if you do qualify then hey, five bucks.

I used it to buy the first volume in Marvel Civil War (which was loosely adapted into last year's Captain America movie). I had been wondering how the two differed, but didn't want to buy the graphic novels or  sign up for a paid subscription service to find out.

And now I will know.

What did you buy with the credit?

Google Play Books

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5 Comments on Coupon: $5 Off a $5 ebook at Google Play Books

  1. The coupon only works on a limited selection, although the it is made out of things that are popular. I will be skipping it.

    • Are you sure the selection is limited? I used it on a graphic novel, and I don’t see why that would have been selected.

      • Thanks, Nate! I just used the coupon to purchase Andreï Makine’s THE LIFE OF AN UNKNOWN MAN, which I doubt was displayed among the thumbnails on the Google Play site. I, too, at first thought the selection of titles for which I could use the coupon was limited. However, using the search box at the top of the browser window, I had no trouble locating the ebook I wanted. The coupon automatically was applied to its purchase price. The print edition of the book was published in the US by Graywolf Press, and the ebook edition I bought was provided by Macmillan through Google Play.

        Offhand, I don’t know how many publishers’ services—do we still call them aggregators?—deal with Google Play. Frank might have been looking for a book that Google Play doesn’t sell.

  2. The code does not work in my country. It’s funny because it gives me the voucher but I can’t use it.

  3. I got the third book in the James S.A. Corey series which The Expanse TV show is based on. So far, I am managing to pick up the series at a discount. Here’s hoping random discounts will keep showing up, and I can get the entire series that way. 🙂

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