Nook Glowlight Plus Update Adds Bold Font Option, Fixes Library eBook Issue

Readers and authors may be planning for the inevitable day that B&N gets out of ebooks, but their developers haven't given up. I have just heard from several sources that B&N has released an update for the Nook Glowlight Plus, the rebranded Chinese ebook reader which B&N launched in October 2015.

OverDrive has announced that this update fixed the recent compatibility issue with library ebooks, and I also have a first-hand report from a Nook owner who reports that he lost root access but did not lose any of the apps he had installed.

  • First, the header and footer are still there, but the space that they take up has been greatly reduced. There is a trade off as there is not an extra line between paragraphs. Generally, there are one or two extra lines per page after the update.
  • They have also added the ability to change the font weight. The choices are regular, thinner and thicker. There is also an additional font choice, “original”, which I assume means using any font embedded in the epub. My Nook used to be (and soon will be again) rooted so I rarely use the stock reader, so I don’t remember if it used embedded fonts before or not.
  • When the update happened, I lost root, but did not lose Lightning Launcher or any of the third party reading apps. I assume that I will be able to use the same process I used originally to re-root when I find a need for root access.

B&N released the update on 17 January and has been distributing it as an automatic download to Glowlight Plus owners.

According to B&N the changelog for the update includes:

  • Off-line reading improved (some features like Shop, Library Refresh and BN Readouts still require a network connection).
  • Library: Added in "All My Items" content from "My Shelves", "My Files" and "Archived".
  • Setting: report Series problems and group or ungroup Series to your liking.
  • Resume your device experience on your current read or where you left off.

I can't find an option to download the update manually, so if you are one of the nineteen Glowlight Plus owners, you will need to connect your device to Wifi and wait for your Nook to download it.

Thanks, David, for the tip!

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8 Comments on Nook Glowlight Plus Update Adds Bold Font Option, Fixes Library eBook Issue

  1. Nate, in your first bullet it says “change the font wight”, where the last word should be “weight”.
    At least I learned what a ‘wight’ is either a ghost or an unlucky person.

    It is interesting that the Kindles added bold in its last update that released a few weeks ago and now the Nook Plus has bold as well.

  2. I just did the update on my Nook Glowlight Plus. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    The difference from the thinner to the regular to thicker isn’t much but this screen has such good contrast it doesn’t really matter much. If I could do this on my Kindle I’d like it. I’m okay with the fonts on the Kindle as they are but they could use this little bit of extra boldness, and I’m not sure the Nook needs it.

    I don’t use the Nook much. I bought it on a whim when I was saving for something else that became unavailable. The money was there so I got this as a consolation prize. Actually I like it a lot except for that silly Home area which always sends me back to the home screen when I’m reading.

    I also don’t like that the dictionary is greyed out. I did the update in the hope they’d changed that but they seem to have greyed out the table of contents as well. This is easily the dumbest “feature” in the history of technology. 🙂

  3. I forgot that Nook still existed! I feel like they’re the Blockbuster of ebook retailers. Once a major contender, now on a path to obscurity and inevitable bankruptcy.

  4. I am one of the 19 Glowlight Plus owners out here and it appears that there was another update today, April 14th.

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