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Google Partners with Adobe to Release Unified Font Family for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

multi-language-sample-v3[1]Yesterday Adobe and Google improved the reading experience of a quarter of the world’s population.

The two tech companies have cooperated in the development of Noto Sans, a free font family which is designed to provide a richer and more beautiful reading experience for Japanese, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), and Korean across both apps and OSes. Continue reading

Google is Winning the Browser Wars

adobe-logoAdobe confirmed this morning something we had long suspected: Chrome is the most popular web browser.

According to Adobe’s analytics service, Google Chrome now accounts for 32% of web browser sessions in the US. This includes both mobile and desktop, and it represents a 6% year-over-year growth. Internet Explorer came in second with a 31% share, while Apple’s Safari, thanks to its vast mobile presence, is the third most popular browser, with a 25% share. Continue reading

Adobe Creative Cloud Servers Back Online After 27 Hour Outage

Adobeadobe-logo has provided a graphic demonstration of the problems with relying on cloud services for core functions.

Starting late Wednesday night, and continuing well into Thursday, Adobe suffered from an unexpected server outage. Many users of the cloud-based FormsCentral, Photoshop Illustrator, TypeKit, and other Adobe tools were unable to log in and get work done. (This, in spite of previous claims by Adobe that users would be able to access the services for up to 3 months while offline.) Continue reading

Adobe Launches Voice App for the iPad, Wants to Make Storytellers of us All

Adobe-Voice-app-for-iPad-allows-users-to-create-a-video-presentation[1]iPad owners have long been able to create everything from ebooks to powerpoint presentations on their tablet, and earlier today Adobe added a new app to the toolbox.

Adobe Voice is a free multimedia iPad app that makes it easy for users to create short animated videos by using a combination of their own recorded voice, imagery, music and cinema-quality motion graphics and effects. Continue reading

Adobe to Require New Epub DRM in July, Expects to Abandon Existing Users

Update: Adobe has backed down.

When adobe-logoAdobe announced their new DRM a couple weeks ago some said that we would soon see compatibility issues with older devices and apps as Adobe forced everyone to upgrade.

At that time I didn’t think Adobe would make the mistake of cutting off so many existing readers, but now it seems that I could not have been more wrong on the issue. Continue reading

Can’t Read Your eBooks? Adobe’s New DRM Update Could be the Cause

Whenadobe-logo Adobe debuted their new Epub DRM last week some predicted that the new DRM would soon cause compatibility problems, and it looks like that prediction came true sooner than I would have liked.

There are several reports on Twitter this morning that a bug in the latest version of Adobe DE is wreaking havoc, with several users reporting that they have ebooks which could be downloaded to Adobe DE but not transferred over to an ebook reader (like the Nook, Aura, or PRS-T3): Continue reading

Adobe Releases New Epub DRM

Rumors Adobe Digital Editionshave been circulating since at least October 2013 that Adobe was planning to release a new version of their DRM for Epub ebooks, and it looks like the rumors have come true. Adobe has released a new version of Adobe Digital Editions yesterday, and guess what?

The features page says that along with improved CSS support and better support for vertical languages (Japanese, for example), Adobe DE 3.0 also includes a new DRM which is described as now being “hardened and made more secure”. Continue reading

Adobe Hack Was Much Worse than Previosuly Reported – 38 Million Accounts Affected

Remember adobe-logoearlier this month when Adobe revealed that someone had hacked the software giant’s servers and stolen info on 2.9 million customers? It turns out the leak was significantly larger – by over an order of magnitude, in fact.

Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security is now saying that the leak has impacted at least 38 million users, a group 13 times as large as previously announced. And that’s not all. Continue reading