Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.3 Update Adds MathML, Better Support for Audio and Video

-+*Adobe’s rolled out a new updtae this week for its flagship Epub app today. According to the changelog, the update makes a couple changes to the interface, fixes a bug with deauthorized computers, and adds support for a few additional features from the Epub3 spec. Adobe DE 4 now supports new ways to navigate ebooks, and… Read More »

Adobe Updates Digital Edition, Stops Sharing User Info With the Internet

-+*Adobe rolled out a new update for their Digital Editions Epub app today, and I have good news, bad news, and okay news. This is a relatively minor update to the month-old Epub app, and the good news is that it adds a full text search option as well as a new display window for search results.

Adobe Responds to ALA on Spying Scandal With Fictitious and Misleading Statements

-+*The American Library Association reported yesterday that Adobe has responded to the ALA’s concerns about the recent revaluations of Adobe spying on users. You can find the AlA’s press release here, but the short version is that Adobe is still claiming that sending a user’s reading logs in the clear met the standards of Adobe’s privacy policy…. Read More »

Adobe Responds to Reports of Their Spying, Offers Half Truths and Misleading Statements

-+*They may be a day late and a dollar short, but Adobe has finally responded to yesterday’s news that they were using the Digital Editions 4 app to spy on users. Adobe hasn’t addressed all of the evidence against them, but they did admit that they were gathering info from users. They won’t admit to scraping… Read More »

Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries

-+*Adobe has just given us a graphic demonstration of how not to handle security and privacy issues. A hacker acquaintance of mine has tipped me to a huge security and privacy violation on the part of Adobe. That anonymous acquaintance was examining Adobe’s DRm for educational purposes when they noticed that Digital Editions 4, the newest version of… Read More »