What The Authors Guild’s Mary Rasenberger Isn’t Saying About Amazon

No one at The Authors Guild or the American Bookseller’s Association was able to find an hour in their busy schedules to publicly debate their recent calls for an antitrust investigation into Amazon’s business practices, but they did find time this week to conduct a lengthy poffball interview of The Authors Guild executive director  Mary Rasenberger. On… Read More »

Book Industry Hates Its Biggest Customer, Collectively Calls on DoJ to Investigate Amazon

Judging by the media circus that just came to town, something huge is about to happen in the book world. The book industry has kicked off a massive coordinated media campaign today. The target? Amazon. Lead by Authors United spokesperson David Streitfeld, multiple groups in the book industry have simultaneously decided today to send letters to… Read More »

Amazon Hit with EU Antitrust Probe into eBook Contracts

It seems the EU has suddenly taken an interest in the most-favored-nation clause found the contracts some  ebook retailers have signed with publishers The European Commission opened a formal antitrust investigation into Amazon’s ebook business on Thursday, opening yet another front in mounting EU scrutiny of America’s global tech giants. The investigation adds to the pressure on… Read More »

New Rumor: FTC, and Not DOJ, Now Investigating Apple Over Beats Deals

Earlier this week I reported that Apple was rumored to be under investigation by the US Department of Justice, but now it looks like that story was less than completely accurate. Bloomberg weighed in on the developing story yesterday, and their sources say that a completely different federal agency is investigating Apple: The Federal Trade… Read More »