Whether Apple Wins or Loses Their Appeal, The Consumer Still Comes Out Ahead

3233710827_34294f21b1[1]With  the Amazon-Hachette dispute settled and DBW not happening until next month, there's a shortage of fireworks in the digital publishing industry at the moment.

Apple's brief hearing today helped make up for that lack, but I don't think the show is going to last long or be as favorable for Apple as some would suggest. From GigaOm: Continue reading

Judge Cote Approves Apple’s $450 Million eBook Antitrust Settlement

3026556399_dd49d85833_m[1]The final check in the ebook antitrust settlement saga has moved one step closer to being signed.

The NY Times reported on Friday that Judge Denise L. Cote gave her final approval to the settlement in a hearing in Manhattan. According to the terms of the settlement, Apple will be paying lawyers $50 million, and paying consumers $400 million for its part in conspiring with five major publishers in the 2010 to bring about agency pricing. Continue reading

German Publishers Cave, Grant Google Free Permission to Use Snippets in Search Results

google-germany-logo-06[1]Google's 4-month-long fight with German news publishers over license fees for search result snippets came to a close today when the publishers threw in the towel.

VG Media, the rights management firm which 200 German publishers had intended to use to collect the fees, announced on Wednesday that they would be granting Google a free license to use the snippets, saying that they were "forced to this extraordinary step, given the overwhelming market power of Google". Continue reading

European Booksellers Call for European Commission to Investigate the Amazon Monopoly

4592786358_947e161e05[1]Break out the popcorn; the Amazon v publishing 3-ring circus just launched a new sideshow.

PCWorld reported on Thursday that European booksellers are joining the chorus of groups in the UK, US, and Germany which are demanding that Something Must Be Done about Amazon. They are requesting that the European Commission start an investigation into Amazon's supposed monopoly of online book sales: Continue reading

Agency eBook Pricing Will be Alive and Well in Canada Until at Least May 2015

7377803204_082e31e953_z[1]The major US trade publishers may have relinquished control of their ebook prices here in the US and in Europe but Canada, well, that is a different story.

A comment left on my earlier post (thanks, Anne!) about the Canadian ebook market has revealed that, thanks to an appeal filed by Kobo, said market could be stuck in a pricing limbo well into next year. Continue reading

Amazon Sends Out Email Concerning Apple’s Antitrust Settlement

3293465641_b6c5081e87[1]It's been just over a month since Judge Cote okayed the settlement agreement between Apple and the DOJ over Apple's role in the 2010 conspiracy  to raise and fix ebook prices, and the first legal notices are starting to go out to consumers affected by the settlement.

Amazon sent out an email to Kindle customers early this morning. I got a copy, and it is quoted below. It's quite long, and if you haven't been following this topic closely it is worth a read. The letter is a legal notice that details a consumer's rights under the settlement, as well as how and when consumers might receive a share of the settlement. Continue reading

German Publishers Lose Antitrust Complaint Against Google

google-is-evil-300x270-1314103412[1]German publishers suffered a major defeat last week in their campaign to force Google to pay for the use of their snippets.

In addition to filing a copyright complaint which demanded 11% of Google's revenues, in June 2014 a coalition of German publishers also filed an antitrust complaint against Google. That complaint was rejected last Friday by the Bundeskartellamt, the German Federal Cartel Office, which said in a statement (here, in German) that the German publishers had not offered sufficient basis to justify an investigation.
Continue reading

Judge Cote Orders Mediation in Latest eBook Antitrust Lawsuit

14135683605_a5650500d5_b[1]The antitrust lawsuits brought by 3 ebook retailers took an unexpected turn on Thursday when Judge Denise Cote ordered the 3 plaintiffs to enter into mediation with the Price Fix 6 to settle claims that Apple and 5 US publishers had conspired in 2010 to raise and fix ebook prices.

According to PW: Continue reading