New Rumor: FTC, and Not DOJ, Now Investigating Apple Over Beats Deals

Earlier this week I reported that Apple was rumored to be under investigation by the US Department of Justice, but now it looks like that story was less than completely accurate. Bloomberg weighed in on the developing story yesterday, and their sources say that a completely different federal agency is investigating Apple: The Federal Trade… Read More »

Apple Once Again Fighting With Antitrust Monitor

Apple’s on-again, off-again relationship with its court appointed antitrust monitor is off again. Appointed by Judge Denise Cote to oversee Apple’s compliance with the 2013 antitrust settlement agreement between it and the DOJ, Michael Bromwich reported to the judge this week that Apple continued to block his requests to interview employees and had “inappropriately attempted” to narrow other oversight. According… Read More »

Whether Apple Wins or Loses Their Appeal, The Consumer Still Comes Out Ahead

With  the Amazon-Hachette dispute settled and DBW not happening until next month, there’s a shortage of fireworks in the digital publishing industry at the moment. Apple’s brief hearing today helped make up for that lack, but I don’t think the show is going to last long or be as favorable for Apple as some would… Read More »

German Publishers Cave, Grant Google Free Permission to Use Snippets in Search Results

Google’s 4-month-long fight with German news publishers over license fees for search result snippets came to a close today when the publishers threw in the towel. VG Media, the rights management firm which 200 German publishers had intended to use to collect the fees, announced on Wednesday that they would be granting Google a free license to use the… Read More »

European Booksellers Call for European Commission to Investigate the Amazon Monopoly

Break out the popcorn; the Amazon v publishing 3-ring circus just launched a new sideshow. PCWorld reported on Thursday that European booksellers are joining the chorus of groups in the UK, US, and Germany which are demanding that Something Must Be Done about Amazon. They are requesting that the European Commission start an investigation into Amazon’s supposed monopoly… Read More »