Google Adds Human App Review Process, Adopts Country-Sensitive Ratings

Google may operate the second largest app store in the world and serve a billion people in over 190 countries, but for the longest time that store was allowed to operate under Wild West rules. Just about anything short of malware was allowed free reign, but that’s beginning to change. Google announced this morning that it would… Read More »

Clean Reader Offers a Profanity-Free Reading Experience

Parents everywhere work hard to prevent their kids from reading inappropriate content, but sometimes it’s not enough. A parent can choose their kid’s books based on content summaries and maturity ratings, but sometimes bad language slips through. And that’s where an app like Clean Reader can help. This app applies a custom filter to the ebooks you’re… Read More »

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablets Now Up For Pre-Order in 170 Countries

Amazon still isn’t saying anything about the rumored smartphone everyone is talking about, but they are definitely making their Android ambitions clear. Early this morning the retail giant announced that the Kindle Fire HD tablets were now available for pre-order from 170 countries, with the first models shipping out on 13 June. The tablets are… Read More »

Amazon Asks Court to Throw Out Apple App Store Lawsuit

About 18 months ago, Apple sued Amazon for false advertising and trademark violation over using the term “app store” to describe its, well, Android app store—which is to say, the store where you go to buy apps. The wheels of justice grind slow but fine. Yesterday Reuters reported Amazon has submitted a filing asking a… Read More »