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Apple Pokes at Amazon over Misquoting Orwell

Never one to pass up an opportunity to make pr hay at the expense of their competition, Apple started a new promotion yesterday in the iBookstore which featured George Orwell. Re/code noticed the change, and they posted a screenshot: Continue reading

Judge Cote Orders Mediation in Latest eBook Antitrust Lawsuit

14135683605_a5650500d5_b[1]The antitrust lawsuits brought by 3 ebook retailers took an unexpected turn on Thursday when Judge Denise Cote ordered the 3 plaintiffs to enter into mediation with the Price Fix 6 to settle claims that Apple and 5 US publishers had conspired in 2010 to raise and fix ebook prices.

According to PW: Continue reading

Leaked Photos Show 5.5″ Screen from the iPhone 6, iWatch Still Nowhere to be Found

640_e0be72816f542de1ea8d2e63d851b45eNew photos showed up in Taiwan late Friday night which appear to show the screen panel and other parts for the larger iPhone 6 model.

Apple Daily hasn’t revealed where they got the photos, but they say that we’re looking at components for what they say is going to be called the iPhone 6L, Apple’s soon to be flagship phablet. Continue reading

Hands-On with a $77 iPhone 6 Clone (video)

iphon3 6 clone androidWe’re still a month away from Apple showing us what the real iPhone 6 will look like, but the clones have been popping up left and right and they’re getting cheaper. Charbax is in Shenzhen right now and he got his hands on a exceedingly cheap iPhone 6 clone. Continue reading

Bloomberg: iPad Air, iPad Mini Are in Production

ipad air 2 dummy 5The launch date for the next iPad is still the stuff of rumors but one source says that the new hardware is already making its way down the assembly line.

Bloomberg reported this morning that we’re going to  see a couple new iPads this fall: Continue reading

Leaked Photos Show iPhone 6, Retail Box – I Call Fake

Apple-logo[1]Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 isn’t going to launch for another month, but one UK tech blog would have you believe that they got their hands on the new smartphone – and in a retail box no less.

Earlier today TechRadar posted an exclusive set of photos which appear to show the iPhone 6.  According to their source, this is supposed to be a beta unit. Continue reading

Apple to Release the New iPhone on 9 September?

ipad air 2 dummy 1The long rumored and frequently leaked iPhone 6 finally has a launch date. According to Re/Code, it’s going to be launched at the beginning of next month.

Citing unnamed sources, John P writes: Continue reading

Judge Okays Apple’s $450 Million eBook Antitrust Settlement

110619784_190162d261_o[1]Judge Denise Cote gave her preliminary approval on Friday for the $450 million settlement of claims that Apple had harmed consumers by conspiring with five US trade publishers to raise and fix the prices of ebooks in the US market. Continue reading

Apple Acquires Booklamp

booklamp-apple-feature[1]News is breaking Friday night that Apple has acquired Booklamp, aka the “Pandora for books”. Techcrunch broke the story, which was subsequently confirmed by Apple.

Apple’s brief statement said: Continue reading

Google Chromebooks are Outselling Apple iPads in the Educational Market

ac-c7-promolanding-1[1]Apple released their annual report last night, and mixed in with the generally good news were a few misleading statistics.

With revenues of $37.4 billion for the June quarter, Apple generated a profit of $7.7 billion dollars. Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the third fiscal quarter, up 13% from last year, and they sold 13.3 million iPads, down 9% from last year. Continue reading