Judge Cote Approves Apple’s $450 Million eBook Antitrust Settlement

3026556399_dd49d85833_m[1]The final check in the ebook antitrust settlement saga has moved one step closer to being signed.

The NY Times reported on Friday that Judge Denise L. Cote gave her final approval to the settlement in a hearing in Manhattan. According to the terms of the settlement, Apple will be paying lawyers $50 million, and paying consumers $400 million for its part in conspiring with five major publishers in the 2010 to bring about agency pricing. Continue reading

Marvin Developer Appstafarian Releases New Reading App – Gerty

Gerty web icon The developer of one of the more feature rich Epub apps for iPad and iPhone released a second reading app last month called Gerty

While Marvin is designed to satisfy the most exacting typography nut, Gerty was crafted as a reading journal app. It’s currently only available for the iPhone (the iPad version is coming soon) and according to the developer it was “designed for small devices first, unlike Marvin”. Continue reading

What to do With an iPad with a Broken Screen

15101952494_3858fd306f[1]Has anyone else noticed that no one seems to be reusing iPads with broken screens?

I recently decided to replace my 4 year old iPad 2. (It had long had a broken screen, and with last year’s iPad Air costing $100 less this year an upgrade made sense.) Once I had the new one on my desk and went googling for help on what to do next, I was surprised by the lack of instructions on how to upgrade as well as by the lack of posts on how to reuse an old iPad with a broken screen. Continue reading

Chinese Hacker Installs Windows 95 on iPhone 6 Plus

0238ef6bbd9be53a[1]We’ve seen Windows 95 on a smartwatch, now check it out on the iPhone 6 Plus.

A Chinese developer going by the handle xyq058775 is saying that he has installed Windows 95 on a brand new iPhone 6. Using an emulator called iDos, the hacker was able to get most of it working fine. He reports that (for obvious reasons) he wasn’t able to upgrade to Windows XP, but he was able to upgrade to Windows 98. Continue reading

Apple Allows More Promo Codes for Authors, Shortens iBooks Review Times

iBooks-BookShelf[1]Apple stepped up their ebook game with a couple new policy changes that will help make it easier for authors and publishers to promote their ebooks. The gadget maker sent out an email last week to everyone registered with iBooks and announced some changes and enhancements to the program. Continue reading

Goodreader PDF App Updated

GoodReader[1]The best PDF app for iPad and iPhone was updated today with a bunch of bug fixes and new features.

In addition to direct support for loading files from iCloud, Goodreader also gained a couple new features which iPhone 6 owners will appreciate.  The iPhone version of Goodreader now supports a double-page view for PDF files, and there is an option for page rotation (landscape to portrait and back). Continue reading

Apple Launches New iPad Air, iPad Mini, Will Start Pre-Orders Tomorrow

Apple-logo[1]Apple’s tablets got their annual refresh today. The gadget maker has launched a couple new tablets, and they will be putting them up for pre-order tomorrow with shipments to start next week, although only one is worth buying.

The new iPad Air 2 features a faster CPU and a better rear camera, and both tablets feature a TouchID sensor integrated into the home button and more storage. The prices will remain the same, and the previous models are going to hang around and sell for a lower price (last year’s iPad Air, for example, now costs $399). Continue reading

Leaked User Manual Confirms iPad Air 2, iPad Mini Details

ipad air 2 leak 3Pretty much everyone has assumed that Apple would be launching a new iPad air and iPad Mini at their event tomorrow, and thanks to the latest leak there’s no room left for doubt.

9to5Mac has found screenshots for the new iOS8 user manual in iBooks, and it has let the cat out of the bag. (While Apple won’t be uploading the actual manual until tomorrow, someone goofed and uploaded screenshots today.) Continue reading