Amazon Asks Court to Throw Out Apple App Store Lawsuit

About 18 months ago, Apple sued Amazon for false advertising and trademark violation over using the term “app store” to describe its, well, Android app store—which is to say, the store where you go to buy apps. The wheels of justice grind slow but fine. Yesterday Reuters reported Amazon has submitted a filing asking a… Read More »

Kickstarter Project Seeks to Turn Choose Your Own Adventure Book into iOS Multimedia Experience

Those of us of a certain age are sure to hold warm recollections of Choose Your Own Adventure stories—those fun little interactive tales from the 1980s filled with instructions to turn to certain pages if you made particular choices in the narrative. For a while, they were all the rage, and there were dozens of… Read More »

Graphicly to Abandon Its Digital Comics Apps – Shifts to Kindle, Kobo, Other eBookstores

Now here’s some news that’s going to be a blow to indie ebookstores. Graphicly announced today that they are going to retire their iOS, Android, and Adobe AIR apps. They’re not shutting down, and they are in fact going to continue distributing content from a large number of artists and publishers in PDF, fixed layout Epub,… Read More »