B&N (Officially) Launches Nook Audiobook App for Android

2940147235485_p0_v11_s260x420[1]Barnes & Noble’s two-week-old audiobook app got its official launch today, but it’s still only available for Android.

The new Nook Audiobook App offers access to a catalog of 50,000 titles, including Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Heist (Fox and O’Hare Series #1) by Janet Evanovich, and Seabiscuit by Lauren Hillenbrand, and you can find the app in Google Play and the Nook App Store. Continue reading

B&N ReLaunches Their Audiobook Section With New App for Android

nook itunesWith Kindle, Downpour.com, Audible, OverDrive, and Audiobooks.com, there’s no shortage of audiobooks for Android, but B&n thinks there’s room for one more.

Barnes & Noble’s here again, gone again digital audiobook dept abruptly returned from hiatus this week. B&N has released a new Nook Audiobook app in Google Play yesterday. (There’s no similar app in iTunes.) Continue reading

The New 10″ Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is Now (Secretly) in Stores

samsung3[1]Thanks to SEC filings we’ve long known that Barnes & Noble was under contract to release a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab Nook, and now it seems they have started to arrive.

My inside sources have told me that B&N stores have started to receive demo units, and that they’re not being put out just yet. Instead I’m told that the demo units are being shown to educators who are being given first dibs on pre-orders. Continue reading

B&N Removes Download Buttons from Website, Stranding Millions of Customers’s eBooks

nook itunesReports are coming in from multiple sources today that Barnes & Noble is locking down the Nook platform.

Nook customers on MobileRead Forums and on B&N’s own support forums are reporting that the download buttons for their Nook ebook purchases are no longer present in the My Nook section of the B&N website. These buttons enabled readers to download a copy of their ebook and transfer said ebook to another app or device. (While B&N is known for having mutant DRM, there are a number of apps that support it.) Continue reading

On Mourning the Passing of Barnes & Noble

36d04ea[1]a guest post by Rich Adin

After this week’s news that Barnes & Noble has lost money yet again, I decided that perhaps I should begin thinking about writing B&N’s obituary. After all, I am a B&N member and I buy a lot of books from B&N and I will miss it when the last store and website is finally shuttered.

But I was told not to don my mourning clothes yet. B&N has a plan. Great, I thought, until I realized that the same people who have brought B&N to its knees are the ones with the plan to save it. Not very likely. Continue reading

Authors Continue to Go Hungry in Nook Press Payment Fiasco

nook press no paymentLast week numerous authors complained that Nook Press, B&N’s self-pub platform, had missed their most recent payment.

While Barnes & Noble claimed on Monday that this issue had been resolved and that all of the delayed payments would be processed either Friday or Monday, that does not appear to have happened. Continue reading