B&N Reports Profits Up as Nook Revenues Continue a Death Spiral

Barnes & Noble had mixed news in its third quarter FY2015 report today. Overall revenues decreased, largely due to retail and Nook revenues, while sales at B&N’s college store operations increased. B&N reported that its combined revenue fell 1.7%, to $1.97 billion. Net income rose to $72.1 million, while EBITDA also increased 14%, to $197.4 million. The Retail segment, which includes… Read More »

Barnes & Noble Crawls Into Bed With Author Solutions

When B&N launched its new author services website last November, I speculated that the over-priced packages offered on that site were actually provided by the notorious vanity press Author Solutions. I couldn’t find a clear link, and B&N wouldn’t discuss the topic (even though  I kept asking), but now I have proof. David Gaughran just posted… Read More »

B&N’s College Bookstore Bid Faces More Problems Than Just Amazon

Barnes & Noble’s announcement on Thursday that they were spinning off their college bookstore division into its own company might be a good business move, but it’s not without its problems. Namely, money. B&N currently operates 700 plus college bookstores under contract, and they plan to add more stores by convincing colleges and universities to outsource a store’s… Read More »

B&N Pulls Old Nook Hardware from Stores, Yanks all Nook Hardware Out of One Store

Target isn’t the only retailer to remove old Nook hardware from its shelves. Store-level sources inside B&N have told me, and a reader has confirmed,  that B&N has had store personnel box up their remaining stock of the older Nook hardware and ship it back to B&N’s distribution centers. This includes a store’s remaining stock… Read More »