European Telecoms Plan to Block Ads in Plan to “Make Google Pay Its Fair Share”

There’s a report going around today that several European mobile operators are going to start blocking ads. Unhappy with only being paid once for the traffic going through their network,  these telecoms reportedly told The Financial Times that they’ve set the stage for a battle with digital media companies such as Google, AOL, and Yahoo: An executive… Read More »

In Buying Engadget, Verizon is Also Buying Its Editorial

Yesterday’s announcement that Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion is still percolating through the blogosphere, but it has already generated quite a few editorials. One in particular caught my eye. Michael Gorman, the editor-in-chief at Engadget, took to the blog to proclaim its editorial independence. He says that Engadget will not cater to Verizon’s… Read More »

France Responds to the Violent Suppression of Free Speech by – Suppressing Free Speech Online

If there were a prize for totally missing the point, the government of France just took home the trophy. VentureBeat reports that  France has responded to last month’s terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices by issuing a new decree: Under terms of a new decree adopted by the French government, Internet service providers must block any websites… Read More »

DMCA Archive Chilling Effects Mistakenly Censors Itself, Plans to Reverse Its Error

Long the goto site for tracking DMCA takedown notices, dismayed many techies last week when it announced that it was removing itself from Google. According TorrentFreak: The Chilling Effects team decided to remove its entire domain from all search engines, including its homepage and other informational and educational resources. Ironically enough, complaints from copyright… Read More »

French Court Expands “Right to be Forgotten” Beyond Europe

Europe’s censorship law has been causing any number of difficulties for European search engines ever since a ruling by the European Court of Justice confirmed the “right to be forgotten” in May, and now the problems have spread internationally. A recent court ruling in France finds Google’s French subsidiary being penalized for the actions of its US-based parent. From… Read More »