French Court Expands “Right to be Forgotten” Beyond Europe

1674586821_487642df27[1]Europe's censorship law has been causing any number of difficulties for European search engines ever since a ruling by the European Court of Justice confirmed the "right to be forgotten" in May, and now the problems have spread internationally.

A recent court ruling in France finds Google's French subsidiary being penalized for the actions of its US-based parent. From The Guardian: Continue reading

Yes, Trigger Warnings Could Lead to Censorship

triggerIf you've been following book news over the past few months then you may have noticed the ongoing debate about trigger warnings.

Professors and student advocates at some US universities have been debating whether classes which read certain types of literature should add a "trigger warning" to the class syllabus to warn students suffering from PTSD or who were victims of assault that a book might trigger an incident. Continue reading

The ALA Reports that the Most Banned Book of 2013 was “Captain Underpants”

The puerto-rico-censorship[1]American Library Association released their annual State of the American Library report today, and according to the report the never-ending battle to ban books continues unabated in 2013.

In addition to a broad summary of the problems faced by libraries, the report also includes a list of the library books reported as being the most-challenged books in 2013, and it was compiled by the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom. The list includes perennial favorites like Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary, Captain Underpants, and 50 Shades of Grey. Continue reading

Is Paypal Back up to Their Censorship Tricks Again?

Remember back in February when Paypal decided to stop processing payments for Smashwords because SW helped authors sell ebooks which Paypal thought were icky? It took the whole of the internet to show Paypal that their decision was not a popular one.

Unfortunately it looks like Paypal forgot that lesson, because I have a report from one cover artist whose account has been closed by Paypal because she was using the service to be paid for making icky images. Continue reading

Light the Torches – Amazon is Censoring eBooks Again

Just when you think you've beaten prudish censors into submission, they pop up somewhere else. Digital Manga Publishing, importers and translators of Japanese comics, has had their entire Kindle publisher's account disabled. Their crime? Running afoul of an unnamed Amazon drone.

Update: This has been resolved. Their account has been reactivated.

As March 15, 2012, Digital Manga Inc.’s account has been suspended from the Kindle platform. While we’re working to try and amend the situation, we will not be able to publish titles to the Kindle for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Updated: Paypal Backs Down on Their Censorship Demands

The Smashwords censorship saga took another turn last night. As you probably know, a little over 2 weeks ago Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, sent out an email to Smashwords authors and publishers telling them that they had to remove certain type of erotica.

Naturally this caused an uproar among not just romance readers, but among everyone who opposes censorship. The outcry grew to include readers, bloggers, the EFF, the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, and more. There were petitions to get Paypal to change their policy and campaigns to close Paypal  accounts. It even caused Paypal to consider backing down only days after enacting the policy. Continue reading