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Smashwords’s New 2014 Survey Shows the Value of Pre-Orders

smashwords_logoLast night Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords, posted the slides from the talk he gave at the RWA Booklovers Convention back in May (yes, that convention). Continue reading

Four Takes on the “Amazon: Threat or Menace?” Debate

Origin-712014-71734-PM[1]Love them or hate them, Amazon is a polarizing topic in the book industry. It’s been the subject of numerous articles, think pieces, rants, and ravings, and a couple days ago it was the focus of a televised debate. Continue reading

NYC Debate Group to Consider the Topic of Amazon, Belling the Cat

Next Tuesday night the New York Public Library will be hosting a debate called Amazon: Business as Usual? It’s scheduled for 7pm local time, and is going to be held in the Schwarzman Building, South Court Auditorium (42nd Street at 5th Avenue).

According to The Bookseller: Continue reading

Qualcomm Announces New Mirasol Screen Tech at Display Week 2014

qualcomm mirasol display week 2014Qualcomm unveiled its next-generation version Mirasol display at SID Display Week 2014 last week. The new screen tech is called SMI (single mirror IMOD), and if/when it hits production it promises to offer richer color than Qualcomm’s existing Mirasol screen tech.

IMOD, or Interferometric modulator display, is a type of reflective display that creates color not by shining light through a pixel but by manipulating a micro-cavity in the display. Changing the shape of the cavity makes different colors appear. Continue reading

E-ink Booth Tour at Computex 2014

27a[1]Due to unfortunate timing, E-ink ended up having to have a booth at two different trade shows last week. I reported on one booth at SID Display Week, and here is Charbax’s report from E-ink’s booth at Computex 2014.

As you can see in the video, E-ink shows off a number of interesting gadgets at Computex (more in fact than they showed at Display Week) including a couple Hello Kitty gadgets, Sony’s 13.3″ writing slate, the PocketBook CoverReader with an integrated E-ink display, and the Fujitsu Navit. Continue reading

Tangible Haptics Wants to Help You Feel the Screen on Your Tablet

tangible hapticsFujitsu isn’t the only company working on adding feedback to touchscreens.

Earlier today I spent some time with Tangible Haptics. This three-year-old Illinois-based startup is working on a way to make tablet users feel friction as their fingers slide across the screen. Continue reading

A Brief Hands On With Printless Plans’ 21″ eReader

zephyr 2When Printless Plans announced the Zephyr last November I was pretty sure I would never see it. Today I was proven wrong.

I caught up with Jonathan Meyers and Jared Lyles of Printless Plans today at Display Week 2014, and while they couldn’t answer my questions about price or release date they did have a prototype for me to play with.

It is huge. Continue reading

PlasticLogic Debuts New Flexible AMOLED Prototype at Display Week 2014

image003PlasticLogic has been teasing me since January with hints of their new flexible AMOLED screen tech, and today I finally got to see it in person.

PlasticLogic had their new prototype on display today. Like the previous demo units, it uses a color filter on top of a flexible grayscale screen, but unlike the earlier units this one was capable of 256 shades of gray and was capable of full 30fps video. Continue reading

E-ink Debuts a 32″ Color E-ink Screen

CMNews_1407444615358406E-ink hasn’t had much luck making a color ebook reader screen which was worth buying but their latest color signage might have a better chance of success. The screen tech company debuted a 32″ color sign at Display Week 2014, and compared to E-ink’s 8″ and 9.7″ color screens it looks surprisingly good. Continue reading

What I’m Reading On – June 2014

Kobo_Arc_colors_610x529[1]This Sunday morning finds me in between trips.

Having just gotten back from BEA 2014 yesterday and leaving for SID Display Week (a screen tech conference) tomorrow, I thought I would take a few minutes and post a “what’s in my gear bag” type of post.

In addition to my laptop and rarely used iPad 2, my main reading devices at the moment are a Kobo Arc (2012) tablet and a Kindle Fire HD (2013). For reasons which I will explain at the end of the post, I am mainly reading on the Arc. Continue reading