Comic Creators Claim Ownership Over Idea of Powered Suits of Armor, File Suit against Marvel

Now here’s a ridiculous lawsuit. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ben Lai and Ray Lai, two brothers who run Horizon Comics Productions, have filed suit against Marvel. They allege that the Iron Man suits used in the movies ripped off designs from the Lai brothers comic, Radix: According to a lawsuit filed on Thursday alleging copyright… Read More » Files Bogus DMCA Notice to Keep Public Domain Records Offline

Long the go-to site for declassified US govt documents, The Black Vault has recently faced a setback in its efforts to digitize and upload records from Project Bluebook, the US Air Force’s decades long program which documented UFO sightings and alien contact reports. It seems that did not take kindly to The Black Vault copying some… Read More »

A Second Lesson on Contracts: Model sues Photographer After Pics Used on Erotica eBooks, Photog Says It’s Not His Fault

About a month ago I shared the tale of one model who sued a photographer after her lingerie-clad photos showed up porn sites, strip clubs, erotica ebooks, and other embarrassing places. The model alleged that she had a verbal agreement with the photographer limiting how the images would be used, and that he licensed them… Read More »