A Wheel of Time TV Pilot Has Been Produced – For All the Wrong Reasons

-+*News that a favorite book has been made into a series usually brings smiles and excitement, but the recent pilot of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time will more likely cause cursing and anger. io9 reported on Monday that a pilot for a tv series based on Jordan’s series aired early Monday morning on FXX, only… Read More »

Ancestry.com Files Bogus DMCA Notice to Keep Public Domain Records Offline

-+*Long the go-to site for declassified US govt documents, The Black Vault has recently faced a setback in its efforts to digitize and upload records from Project Bluebook, the US Air Force’s decades long program which documented UFO sightings and alien contact reports. It seems that Ancestry.com did not take kindly to The Black Vault copying some… Read More »

A Second Lesson on Contracts: Model sues Photographer After Pics Used on Erotica eBooks, Photog Says It’s Not His Fault

-+*About a month ago I shared the tale of one model who sued a photographer after her lingerie-clad photos showed up porn sites, strip clubs, erotica ebooks, and other embarrassing places. The model alleged that she had a verbal agreement with the photographer limiting how the images would be used, and that he licensed them… Read More »

Google Goes Nuclear, Shuts Down Google News in Spain

-+*Spanish publishers won another round this week in the eternal fight to prevent their content from being discovered and shared online. Google announced yesterday that they are shutting down their Google News search engine in Spain. The search engine giant is anticipating changes to Spanish copyright law which will make it impossible to link to… Read More »