The Authors Guild Petitions Congress for Unworkable “Notice and Stay Down” Provision

The Authors Guild has just shown us that while they may have grown more author savvy under the new administration they certainly haven’t become any more tech savvy than they were before. On Friday The Authors Guild published an open letter (a text-free PDF, no less) that calls upon Congress to amend the DMCA and replace the existing… Read More »

The Recent Tintin Ruling Offers a Valuable Reminder that Creators Need to Understand the Contracts They Sign

How well do you know the contracts you’ve sign? In the case of the Belgian cartoonist Herge (or rather his estate), the answer is not very well. The Comics Reporter and Artnet reported last week that the Herge estate has lost an important copyright lawsuit over Tintin, the famous Belgian cartoon character. The estate had sued a Netherlands-based Tintin fan… Read More »

Conan Doyle Estate Files Copyright and Trademark Suit Over Upcoming Holmes Movie

There’s a story breaking today that those perennial copyright trolls known as the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit over a new Sherlock Holmes film coming out in July. Deadline, Variety, The Wrap, and The Hollywood Reporter are all reporting that the estate has filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against Miramax,… Read More »

Comic Creators Claim Ownership Over Idea of Powered Suits of Armor, File Suit against Marvel

Now here’s a ridiculous lawsuit. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ben Lai and Ray Lai, two brothers who run Horizon Comics Productions, have filed suit against Marvel. They allege that the Iron Man suits used in the movies ripped off designs from the Lai brothers comic, Radix: According to a lawsuit filed on Thursday alleging copyright… Read More »