UK Publishers Waste Time, Money to Get Court Order to Fight Piracy by Blocking Search Engines

Book publishers in the UK have just gotten the High Court to block pirate ebook sites which don’t actually have any pirated ebooks, using a process which they did not actually have to follow. The Financial Times reports that the UK Publishers Association has secured a court order to force the country’s ISPs to enact network level… Read More »

Salon Thinks Indie Bookstores Are Only Surviving on the Goodwill of Celebrity Authors was once the chef proponent of the “Amazon kills indie bookstores” meme, but once it was clear that indies were thriving in spite of everything the retailer can throw at them Salon had to look for a new way to proclaim that indies are still doomed. And on Friday they found it: celebrity authors. In the minds of Salon’s… Read More »

Here’s Another Reason Not to Fear Short Attention Spans: The Slow Reading Movement

Earlier today I posted an argument against authors writing for shorter attention spans. I argued that attention spans weren’t actually getting shorter; instead, readers will stick with a book which interests them no matter the interruption. I still think that is a good argument, but it’s not the only one I could make.  An article… Read More »

That “Cache” of Mark Twain Writings Wasn’t a Cache, Nor Was it Recently Uncovered

There’s a story going around this week that a new cache of Mark Twain’s writings had been uncovered by researchers, but it turns out that is not the case. I just got an email from Benjamin Griffin, an Associate Editor with the Mark Twain Project. He’s told me that this report from The Guardian is not fundamentally misleading: Scholars at the… Read More »

David Nicholls Sees Showrooming as “Gentile Shoplifting”, Wants Kids to Get Off his Lawn

Yesterday The Guardian, that bastion of all that is good and true and British, published a summary of author, screenwriter, and former bookseller David Nicholls’ recent keynote speech at the London Book Fair’s Digital Minds Conference. In between lamenting the demise of the horse-drawn carriage and the rise of women’s suffrage, Nicholls took a few minutes to express his… Read More »