Kindle Unlimited is Cutting into Authors’ Sales, and Other Market Scrying

ebook-best-seller-pricing-aug-2012-to-nov-2013[1]I was the first to break the story last week that KU might be having a negative impact on indie authors' ebook sales, and as I have been reading the ensuing coverage I have realized that someone needs to point out the problems with relying on anecdotal data.

And as I sit here reading Porter Anderson's piece in The Bookseller on Sunday, I can see that even Porter missed a valid counterpoint: that this type of decline has happened before (he also missed including me in his roundup of the discussion, but I am used to that by now). That leaves it up to me to question the narrative.

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Youtube Star Zoella Sugg’s Debut Novel was Written in 6 Weeks – by Someone Else

518D0FR7SCL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_[1]After circulating in forums and book blogs for a couple weeks, the news officially broke over the weekend that Youtube star Zoella's debut novel might not be entirely her own work.

Or at least that is what Zoella and her publisher are saying; I am reasonably convinced that Zoella didn't write the book, and that this statement from her publisher only bears a vague relation to the truth: Continue reading

Apple deleted rivals’ songs from users’ iPods, and other clickbait

308291335_a62c585c5c_m[1]Along with the upcoming appeal in the ebook price-fixing antitrust suit, Apple is currently embroiled in a decade old lawsuit about iPods and Apple's possible misdeeds in maintaining their dominance of the music market.

I've only been following that story at a distance, but yesterday a story crossed my desk which deserved a comment. The WSJ is covering the trial and they ran a story with the clickbaity headline that Apple was deleting songs from users' iPods: Continue reading

UnSurprising News: Cheap Tablets aren’t just poorly made, they’re also insecure

4661409838_919824b9fa_m[1]As Black Friday weekend draws to a close (followed by Cyber Monday, Tech Tuesday, Wearable Wednesday, and on Thursday, bankruptcy court) a new report is circulating which reminds us that cheap Android devices are about as secure as they are expensive.

Security researchers with Bluebox Labs raised the alarm earlier this week, according to an alarmist post over at Gizmodo: Continue reading