Time Thinks “Amazon’s Dispute With Hachette Might Finally Be Hurting Its Sales”

The BaitOver the past 6 months I have read many questionable arguments about the Amazon-Hachette dispute, but few rose to the level of sheer unsubstantiated clickbait as the piece that Time published on Friday.

According to Sam Frizell, Amazon’s slow growth in the NA media market comes as a result of the dispute with Hachette: Continue reading

Breaking News: Streitfeld Admits That Amazon “Might” Not be Guilty of Censorship

streitfeld-topics-articleInline[1]If you were hoping that a public rebuke from the NY Times’ public editor would restore some degree of balance to that august publication’s coverage of Amazon, I’m sorry but that hasn’t happened.

The media spokesperson for Authors United, David Streitfeld, is mixing it up again. He has a new post up on Sunday on the NY Times’ Bits blog in which he continues to lay out how evil Amazon is evil. Continue reading

NY Times Cries Foul on Its Own Coverage of Amazon Hachette

streitfeld-topics-articleInline[1]As anyone who has been following the Amazon-Hachette fight can tell you, Hachette has a number of allies in the media. Right or wrong, certain parties are going to slant their coverage of an Amazon story against Amazon, and it is often easy to tell what the slant will be based on who is writing the piece. Continue reading

Authors United Revises Letter to Amazon Board, Adds More Insulting Language

14081276688_e52785f073_c[1]Apparently Authors United has decided that they haven’t received enough criticism for the open letter they sent to the Amazon board of directors earlier this week, because they’ve quietly revised said letter to be more insulting.

That letter still has the typo in the first line, and it still misquotes Russ Grandinetti, but where the original letter made a swipe at Chinese authors, the new version of the letter replaced it with a general dig at all non-US writers.  Continue reading

Authors United Sends Open Letter to Amazon Board, Filled With Bad Arguments and Factual Errors

33968122_dc135bdd9f_b[1]The anti-Amazon group Authors United fired their next salvo today in their battle against Amazon. After seeing that their last effort, a $104,000 full page ad in the NYTimes, was less than successful in swaying public opinion, Authors United turned their attention to a smaller audience. Continue reading

Mental Health Issues – And Not His Novels – Led to MD Teacher’s Suspension

91EkRRhGseL._SL1500_[1]There’s an old rule of thumb that you should never believe everything you read on the internet, and over the past couple days we had a graphic reminder exactly why that rule exists.

A story has been going around this week that a middle school teacher in Maryland had been arrested/committed because he had self-published a couple SF novels which featured a school shooting set 900 years in the future. Naturally this story had the internet up in arms, with everyone from The Atlantic to this blogger crying foul over what was clearly multiple violations of the author’s Constitutional rights.

That was truly an incendiary story – or at least it would be had the story actually been true. Much to my chagrin, it is not. Continue reading

There’s a Problem With Calling the Fire Phone a Failure Based on Sales of 35,000 units

fire phoneThere’s a certain story going around over the past few days which I have been ignoring but has been getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere.

A journalist with the The Guardian picked up his abacus over the weekend and estimated that the $650 Fire Phone from Amazon only sold 35,000 units. This has lead to some interesting reporting, including stories framed as: Continue reading

Will Amazon Turn Twitch Into A Failure like GoodReads? One Can Only Hope

MTIzNjEzMTg5NDE2MjU3MDM4(1)As you probably know, news broke yesterday that Amazon acquired the gaming-focused social network Twitch for nearly a billion  dollars. Normally this story wouldn’t come up on a blog focused on digital reading, but I have been reading some of the commentary on the acquisition and I wanted to have a say.

Earlier today I read a post on ReadWrite which asked whether Twitch would end up being a failure like Goodreads:
Continue reading