Yes, the Success of the “American Sniper” Enhanced Edition is a One-Off


Many startups have made a go of producing enhanced ebooks, and so far no one has had much luck in creating a real market. But  Clare Swanson , writing for Publishers Weekly, thinks that HarperCollins has found a way forward. Swanson is pointing at the success of the enhanced version of Chris Kyle's novel*, American Sniper, and asking whether ... Files Bogus DMCA Notice to Keep Public Domain Records Offline


Long the go-to site for declassified US govt documents, The Black Vault has recently faced a setback in its efforts to digitize and upload records from Project Bluebook, the US Air Force's decades long program which documented UFO sightings and alien contact reports. It seems that did not take kindly to The Black Vault copying some of ...

About that Impending Amazon-Apple Digital Textbook War


The launch of Amazon's new Kindle Textbook Creator a couple weeks ago has caused a flurry of speculation about what this could mean for digital textbooks. Many have mistakenly looked at the vaguely similar uses for iBooks Author and Kindle Textbook Creator and concluded that a great textbook war is about to commence. I don't see that happening. While ...

Samsung to Buy Blackberry for $7.5 Billion?


There's a crazy rumor going around today that Samsung is looking to buy Canada's BlackBerry. Apparently Samsung isn't satisfied with only making smartphones running Tizen, Android, and Windows Phone; now they also want to make Crackberries (as opposed to following Samsung's usual path and simply copying all of the good ideas).   Or so says Reuters: Samsung Electronics recently ...

A Fake Product Listing Inspires Rumors About Xiaomi’s First Laptop


Xiaomi is already one of the largest makers of mobile devices in the world, and now some are claiming that the  smartphone and tablet maker is adding a laptop to their lineup. GizmoChina has uncovered details this morning about a new laptop from China's largest smartphone maker, and reported that Xiaomi has slapped their logo on what looks like ...