Penguin UK CEO: Readers Don’t Want Subscriptions

tom_weldon[1]Earlier today Tom Weldon of Penguin Random House UK revealed that PRH would not be getting into the subscription ebook market. Speaking at The Bookseller’s Futurebook conference, the CEO for a branch of the world’s largest trade publisher said that:

Weldon said: “We have two problems with subscription. We are not convinced it is what readers want. ‘Eat everything you can’ isn’t a reader’s mindset. In music or film you might want 10,000 songs or films, but I don’t think you want 10,000 books.” Continue reading

Time Thinks “Amazon’s Dispute With Hachette Might Finally Be Hurting Its Sales”

The BaitOver the past 6 months I have read many questionable arguments about the Amazon-Hachette dispute, but few rose to the level of sheer unsubstantiated clickbait as the piece that Time published on Friday.

According to Sam Frizell, Amazon’s slow growth in the NA media market comes as a result of the dispute with Hachette: Continue reading

Breaking News: Streitfeld Admits That Amazon “Might” Not be Guilty of Censorship

streitfeld-topics-articleInline[1]If you were hoping that a public rebuke from the NY Times’ public editor would restore some degree of balance to that august publication’s coverage of Amazon, I’m sorry but that hasn’t happened.

The media spokesperson for Authors United, David Streitfeld, is mixing it up again. He has a new post up on Sunday on the NY Times’ Bits blog in which he continues to lay out how evil Amazon is evil. Continue reading

NY Times Cries Foul on Its Own Coverage of Amazon Hachette

streitfeld-topics-articleInline[1]As anyone who has been following the Amazon-Hachette fight can tell you, Hachette has a number of allies in the media. Right or wrong, certain parties are going to slant their coverage of an Amazon story against Amazon, and it is often easy to tell what the slant will be based on who is writing the piece. Continue reading