Pearson Signs Digital Textbook Deal With Russia’s Azbuka

-+*One of the world’s largest textbook publishers has cut a deal to distribute digital textbooks to Azbuka, Russia’s largest digital textbook distributor. From EWDN: Azbuka (meaning alphabet, or ABC) is a Russian online educational service which offers access to electronic textbooks and additional educational content through its own digital rights management (DRM) technology. The key idea behind… Read More »

Amazon Competitor Chegg to Outsource Its Print Operations in Bid to Become Digital Services Company

-+*Chegg is one of the few startups to have survived the tense textbook market over the past few years, in part because it knew when to shift its focus to new activities. And today that includes outsourcing one of its core functions. Chegg announced on Monday that it has struck a deal with Ingram. The… Read More »

Could the Kindle Textbook Creator Cause Amazon to Revisit KDP Royalties?

-+*When Amazon released the Kindle Textbook Creator earlier this week indie authors and publishers were thrilled and disappointed in equal measure, and more than a few had their hopes raised. Indies were thrilled to get a tool which would enable them to make the PDF-ish Kindle Print Replica format which Amazon had been selling since… Read More »

There’s Something Missing From This College Bookstore: Books

-+*Remember that Florida university with the bookless library? Here’s one with a bookless bookstore. Lynn University, a small private school in Boca Raton, FL, went to a digital-first curriculum last year, and this year they’re following up that bold move with an even bolder one. Paving the way for B&N, this liberal arts school has removed… Read More »

With OpenStax, e-Textbook Reads You

-+*For the past several years the non-profit OpenStax has been helping college students save money by producing and promoting open source textbook alternatives, and now they’re turning their attention to AP textbooks. OpenStax recently announced the launch of a pioneering education project to develop new digital textbooks for high school students. Funded by a $9 million grant from… Read More »

Textbook Publisher Claims License on New Edition, Demands Students Return the Paper Textbook

-+*No publisher hates the first sale doctrine more than textbook publishers. Over the years they have tried numerous tricks to stop students from reselling their books, including releasing new editions containing minimal revisions, bundling licensed digital content, and convincing professors to create custom editions. Wolters Kluwer, via their law publisher subsidiary Aspen, has come up… Read More »

Inkling Gives up on Selling Digital Textbooks to Students – Lays Off 25% of Staff

-+*With the failure of Kno and the closure of Coursesmart, the consumer focused digital textbook market has been showing every sign of fizzling, and now Inkling is throwing in the towel. This 5-year-old digital textbook startup has fired 25% of its staff yesterday as it continues to shift its focus from selling to students to… Read More »

Barnes & Noble Launches New e-Textbook App – Yuzu

-+*Barnes & Noble quietly launched the beta version of a new digital textbook app earlier this month. It’s called Yuzu, and it is currently available for the iPad and for web browsers. Yuzu is a digital education platform that Barnes & Noble says is going to “make the everyday learning experience remarkably gratifying”. Few details… Read More »