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Keurig’s New Coffee Pod DRM Hacked, Copied?

keurig-20-560[1]DRM may be the bane of some ebook users but it looks like at least one other market may escape the hassle.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, maker of the Keurig single cup coffee machines, had been planning to incorporate DRM into their next generation coffee pods (think ink jet cartridges, only for coffee) but now it seems that their competitors have a different idea. Continue reading

Comixology to Offer DRM-free Comics

comixology mobileComixology has just confirmed the rumor I reported yesterday; they are adding an option for DRM-free comics. At the “Ask Me Anything” panel Thursday afternoon, co-founder and CEO David Steinberger confirmed the rumor, saying “We’re excited to make this DRM-free backup option available to our customers and publishers today”. Continue reading

Verso Books Shows That it is Possible to Use Customer-Friendly DRM While Still Calling Customers Pirates

20155523_13dfa5c00b_b[1]I have long been a supporter of milder types of DRM like digital watermarks. This DRM is more customer-friendly than encryption DRM schemes like Adobe Adept while still being equally effective at stopping piracy.

I used to see digital watermarks as a way for publishers to show that they don’t see all of their customers as potential ebook pirates, but apparently some are using the DRM and still regarding their paying customers as untrustworthy. Continue reading

Mozilla to Bake-In DRM in Next Version of Firefox

Earlier262875283_ca33f09edd[1] today Mozilla acquiesced to a market reality which ebook retailers have known for years.

Ask anyone who has tried to launch an ebookstore and they’ll tell you that the only way to get titles from major publishers is to integrate DRM into the ebookstore – often times at high cost. Many publishers simply won’t distribute to an ebookstore that lacks DRM, with some even going so far as to question the security of new types of DRM (like the custom DRM used by Oyster). Continue reading

Celebrate the Day Against DRM, Redux

Today in-chains.pngis the International Day Against DRM, the unofficial holiday dedicated to making more people aware of DRM and how it affects their lives.

DRM, or Digital Restrictions Management, is the practice of imposing technological restrictions that control what users can do with digital media. When a user is unable to play a DVD bought legally in another part of the wold, play a game without an internet connection, or read an ebook on a different device, they are being restricted by DRM. Continue reading

Amazon Started the Day Against DRM Festivities a Week Early by Intentionally Breaking My Kindle eBooks

Defective byamazon frown Design’s International Day Against DRM is coming up next week, and fortuitously Amazon has given us another example of why DRM is harmful.

Early this morning I got an email with an ebook I have been waiting for. It was Mytro by John Biggs, which I had backed in the Kickstarter campaign, and the email delivered the DRM-free ebooks I had bought. I’m not one to wait, so i immediately downloaded the ebook and tried to open it in the Kindle app on my PC. Continue reading