Sony Launches New eBook DRM

Sony has opened a new chapter in its long history as a DRM pioneer. The news is a little late crossing my desk, but two weeks ago Sony announced a new partnership with Immanens, a French company which develops distribution technology for digital publishing companies. Immanens will adopt Sony’s new URMS (User Rights Management System) DRM in the platforms it… Read More »

The Freedom Clip Bypasses Coffee Pod DRM, Saves Us From the Coffee Pod Invasion (video)

It didn’t take long after Green Mountain released its Keurig 2.0 single serving coffee maker for the DRM to be hacked by Green Mountain’s competitors and for consumers to come up with simple work-arounds, and now someone is offering a permanent solution – and best of all, its free. Specialty coffee retailer Rogers Family is now… Read More »

Ain’t DRM Grand: Drone Maker Pushes Out Update Which Bans Flights in Washington, DC

Remember last week when a drunk govt employee crashed a quadcopter on the grounds of the White House? DJI, the company which makes the thousand dollar drone that crashed last week, is a little embarrassed by the irresponsibility of one of their customer, and the bad publicity has inspired them to push forward with a firmware update which… Read More »