Penguin UK CEO: Readers Don’t Want Subscriptions

tom_weldon[1]Earlier today Tom Weldon of Penguin Random House UK revealed that PRH would not be getting into the subscription ebook market. Speaking at The Bookseller’s Futurebook conference, the CEO for a branch of the world’s largest trade publisher said that:

Weldon said: “We have two problems with subscription. We are not convinced it is what readers want. ‘Eat everything you can’ isn’t a reader’s mindset. In music or film you might want 10,000 songs or films, but I don’t think you want 10,000 books.” Continue reading

Oyster Now Offers Six Months Free Subscription

oyster logoStill on the fence on the idea of a subscription ebook service? Oyster has 6 reasons why you might want to sign up with them.

A reader has tipped me to an unannounced special offer from Oyster. If you know where to look on their website, new subscribers can now get a free 6 months trial which will automatically roll over into Oyster’s $10 a month service. Continue reading

Blloon’s eBook Service Lifts Off in the UK

H4wg3d7V1[1]Following two months of private beta testing, Blloon opened ebook subscription service to the UK public today.

Launched in July by txtr founder Thomas Leliveld, Blloon aspires to offering a lower cost ebook service in a market already crowded by Scribd and Kindle Unlimited. Blloon’s service is free to start, and every new reader starts with a credit for the equivalent of 3 books. Continue reading

HarperCollins Signs Deal With Bookmate – but Not Kindle Unlimited

bookmate logoThe growth of the subscription ebook market continued apace today with the news that HarperCollins had signed a deal with Bookmate.

Bookmate, which is primarily focused on Russia and ebook markets in eastern Europe, will now be able to offer its 1.5 million users ebooks published by HC. No one is talking specifics on the numbers, but the press release does say that “books by hundreds of authors, including CS Lewis are included in the deal”. Continue reading

Scribd Expands Its Catalog With Titles from Harlequin

HarlequinCollectionThe HarperCollins acquisition of Harlequin earlier this year bore expected fruit today.

Scribd announced on Thursday that it had signed a deal with the romance publisher to add 15,000 titles to Scribd’s ebook subscription service. The Harlequin Scribd deal will run for one year, and like the deal that HarperCollins struck with Scribd the Harlequin works will be drawn from Harlequin’s backlist. Continue reading

Simon & Schuster Signs Deal With Mofibo, But Not Kindle Unlimited

mofibo[1]Simon & Schuster may have just given us a clue about their interests in the subscription ebook market, and just who they want to work with.

The Bookseller is reporting that S&S has cut a deal with the small Scandinavian ebook subscription service Mofibo. The full terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it will reportedly boost Mofibo’s catalog to over 20,000 titles in English, Danish, and other languages. (According to one source, Mofibo offered 14,000 titles at the end of August.) Continue reading

Readfy Opens to the Public in Germany, Will Face Competition From Scribd, Kindle Unlimited

readfy_logo_cmyk__large_500_500[1]Following 8 months of private beta tests, the much anticipated advert-supported Readfy ebook service opened to the public this weekend. The service is launching with a catalog of 25,000 titles which can be read in apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone – at no cost to the user. Continue reading