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Librify Launches a Digital Book Club

librifyTaking the idea of a stealth launch to an extreme, Librify launched its book club service into an open beta some time in the past couple months.

Initially announced at BEA 2014, Librify is an ebook subscription service which planned to bring the book club type of experience to the modern web. Readers can sign up for a monthly subscription (currently $6.99) and receive one selected title each month. They can also buy more ebooks, including some at sale prices, from Librify’s ebookstore which had around 500,000 titles in stock in early June. Continue reading

Has Anyone Tried ComicsFix’s Digital Comics Subscription Service?

logo3_5[1]A non-new digital comics service crossed my desk this morning (discovered via Absolute Write), and since I had never heard of it (nor could I find much in the way of press coverage) I decided to post an open question and see if anyone was more familiar with it than I. Continue reading

Elly’s Choice Offers a New Book Club Style eBook Subscription Service in the Netherlands

saskiaAll you can read subscription plans like Kindle Unlimited may be getting all the press but that’s not the only idea being tested right now. A new service launched today in the Netherlands, and it plans to update the old book club idea for the ebook  era.

Elly’s Choice offers a simple and cheap subscription plan that costs 3 euros per month for 10 ebooks – with a catch. Continue reading

eBook Sub Service Blloon Launches Private Beta

H4wg3d7V[1]The Berlin-based ebook subscription service Blloon quietly launched a private beta in the UK last week.

With service currently only available on the iPad, testers now have the opportunity to sample Blloon’s extensive catalog of fiction titles for free, and they also have the option of upgrading to a paid subscription for as little as £3.99 per month or £6.99 per month. The paid plans will allow users to read up to 500 pages or 1000 pages, respectively. Continue reading

Oyster App for iPad, iPhone Updated with In-App Purchases

oyster logoOyster is bucking the trend this week. While most a lot of media services avoid in-app purchases on iOS, the ebook subscription service Oyster released a new update on Friday to their app which added the option.

Oyster for iOS v1.8 adds unnamed bug fixes, major syncing improvements, and new color and personalization options – or so the changelog says; the app requires iOS 7 (which I don’t have). Continue reading

Japan’s Ameba Social Network Launches a Subscription Manga Service

13015293053_574a76b296_c[1]Subscription ebook services are popping up all over, including in Japan. Earlier this week CyberAgent, owners of the popular Japanese blogging and social networking website Ameba, announced that they were expanding Ameba’s ebookstore with a new subscription option. Continue reading

kindle unlimited

Amazon Launches Kindle Unlimited, Will Take it International in September

Not one to close the barn door after the horse has left, Amazon has sent out a press release this morning announcing the launch of Kindle Unlimited.

With Kindle Unlimited, readers can read as much as they want (but can only have 10 titles at a time) on their Kindle or Kindle app, all for a low price of $10 a month (with a 30 day free trial). I have reports that the service is currently limited to only US customers, but I also have a report which says that will change later this year. Continue reading

Oyster, Scribd Comment on Kindle Unlimited

kindle unlimitedIt’s been just over a day since I broke the news that Amazon had a Netflix style ebook service in the works. We still haven’t gotten a comment from Amazon, but both of Amazon’s smaller competitors have commented on Kindle Unlimited.

The comments are pro forma, but they still say more than the loud silence coming out of Seattle. Continue reading