Streaming eBook Service Skoobe Gains Support for the Illumina eReader

For the longest time Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited has had one unique advantage over its competition: it was the only streaming(*) ebook service that worked on an ereader with an E-ink screen. That changed this week. The Dutch ereader maker Icarus has released a new version of its Illumina ereader. The Illumina line run Android, and now… Read More »

Entitle Books to Close Tomorrow, But It Will have Little Impact On the Subscription eBook Market

There’s been no formal announcement email from the startup, but Entitle Books has a notice on its website that it will be shutting down tomorrow, 21 July. I’m still waiting for Entitle to respond to my press query with info on what’s going to happen next, so at this time I can only suggest that… Read More »

Macmillan Continues to Dabble in Subscription eBook Market, Adds 1,000 Titles to Scribd, Oyster

Having previously test the subscription ebook waters by distributing a limited number of SF titles to Skoobe in June of last year and sending around 1,000 titles to Oyster and Scribd earlier this year, Macmillan stuck another toe in the pool this morning. Oyster announced on Thursday that Macmillan was doubling the number of titles available…. Read More »

Scribd is Putting Harlequin Titles on the Same Chopping Block as Indie Titles

When news broke on Tuesday that Scribd was cutting romance titles from its catalog, all the stories focused on indie published titles from either Smashwords or Draft2Digital but the activity was not limited to just those two distributors. At least one other ebook distributor was impacted, and Scribd has confirmed today what readers have been saying… Read More »

Scribd is Culling Romance Titles From Its Catalog Because You’re Reading Too Damn Much

Scribd has just run up against one of the known problems with subscription ebook services. Mark Coker has announced over on the Smashwords blog that Scribd is thinning out its catalog. More specifically, Scribd is now pulling titles from what is probably its most read genre: romance. Effective immediately, I estimate 80-90 percent Smashwords romance and… Read More »

Comixology to Launch “All You Can Read” Subscription Plan?

There’s an unsubstantiated, unverified,  and unsupported (but almost certainly true) rumor going around today that Comixology is about to offer a Kindle Unlimited type of subscription service for digital comics. We know literally nothing about the service, but the current speculation is that: At the behest of their new owners Amazon, the leading digital comics distributor… Read More »

Playster Partners With Findaway, Adds 50,000 Audiobooks to Its Subscription Platform

Toronto-based Playster announced on Wednesday that it was expanding its catalog. This subscription entertainment service has inked a deal with Findaway to add 50,000 audiobook titles to Playster’s service. Currently in beta, Playster charges $16 a month for a subscription service that offers unlimited access to a broad range of content. While Oyster and Scribd are focused on… Read More »

eBook Subscription Services Are Legal in France

If you’ve been following digital publishing news over the past 6 months then you probably know that in late December French regulators expressed doubts that subscription ebook services were legal under France’s fixed price book laws. Those doubts solidified into a legal opinion in February 2015 when Laurence Engel, la Médiatrice du livre, ruled that all… Read More »