iBooks Author Updated With InDesign and Epub Importer

ibooks author logoApple rolled out a new update for their ebook making app yesterday with a few major updates. The app is still limited to only running on OSX, but on the plus side it gained new features.

According to the changelog, iBooks Author offers a new ebook template and new options for linking inside an ebook. There is also mention of improvements to widget behaviors, including an option for autoplaying the media and keynote widgets (that would count as a dis-improvement, IMO). Continue reading

Sigil Updated With New Ways to Edit Your Epub Files

logo sigilFollowing a hiatus of close to a year, the open source Epub editor Sigil was updated this week  with new features.

In addition to several minor improvements, Sigil also now features a plugin framework which will make it easier for developers to release custom modules that perform specialized tasks: Continue reading

eBook Production is Hard – Especially if it is an After Thought to the Paper Book

There's a new article over on The Economist website this week which details the problems one creator experienced while trying to produce a paper book and an ebook for a Kickstarter campaign, and it's well worth a read (beware the paywall).

While the article is written from the viewpoint of being frustrated with the process of producing an ebook, it is actually a cautionary tale in how not to produce ebooks. All of the problems were grew out of a single mistake which the creator still doesn't realize that he made. Continue reading

New WordPress Plugin Lets You Turn Blog Posts Into an eBook

magpressI've just been tipped to yet another way to turn blog posts into a PDF, Kindle, or Epub ebook.

MagPress (not the blog theme creators but a different startup by the same name) is now selling a WordPress plugin that can turn any blog into an ebook creation machine. It costs $49 and comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. Continue reading

Amazon Releases a New Tool for the Indie Graphic Novelist – Kindle Comics Creator

kindle comics creator 2 For as long as I can remember it hasn't been hard to make a Kindle ebook. Assuming you only want to use text and at most a few images, you can find any number of tools online that will do the job quite nicely. There's calibre, Jutoh, Feedbooks,, Mobipocket Creator (and that's just the handful I can recall off the top of my head).

But the same cannot be said for graphic novels. Amazon may have launched a new comics section in the Kindle Store along with the Kindle Fire in 2011, but they didn't release any tools which could be used to create graphic novels - until today. Continue reading

Why Wait for Amazon’s eBook Cover Generator? Here are 3 Satirical Alternatives

A1y3XduCcAA1K0T[1] A couple days ago I broke the news that Amazon was beta testing a new automatic cover generator for Kindle ebooks. This tool is going to make it easier for KDP authors to make a decent and free cover image for their Kindle ebooks.

That post has gotten a lot of attention and generated quite a few comments. Readers have pointed out useful info like the fact that Createspace and Lulu already offered similar cover generators, something I did not know. But my favorite comment on that post was a link to the Pulp-O-Miser.

That cover generator is intended to replicate the covers of pulp-era SF magazines, and as I played with it I realized that I actually know of 3 cover generators, not just the one, so I thought it wound be a good idea to share the fun. Continue reading

PressBooks to Release Epub-Making Plugin for WordPress

pressbooks-read-view[1]Pretty much all of my creation and communication tools can now be found online, so it should come as little surprise that ebook making tools can be found there as well.

PressBooks, an Epub creation service, has just announced that they are going open source. Sometime next month they plan to release a WordPress plugin which offers much the same ebook making ability as their service. Continue reading