What Are the Best SpellCheck and Grammar Check Browser Extensions?

We’re still quite a ways away from IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer growing into a developmental editor bot, but luckily for us simpler tools are very common. Gizmodo has a post up today that reminded me that there are readily available tools that could improve our online writing, ones which we should be using (but probably are not)…. Read More »

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Could be the First Step Towards a Developmental Editor Bot

Writers have all sorts of automated tools at their disposal, including spellcheck, grammar check, word macros, Draftback, and (one day, hopefully) bots, and IBM wants to add another tool to our toolbox. On Thursday the IBM Watson team announced a new spin off from IBM’s ongoing bid to invent Skynet. The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is a linguistic analysis tool… Read More »

Kindle Textbook Creator Now Lets You Embed Audio & Video

Amazon released the first major update for their three-month-old textbook creation app today, and it’s finally getting useful. Kindle Textbook Creator still accepts only PDF as the source file, and it’s still listed as being in beta, but now the tool lets educators embed video and audio files in the e-textbooks they make. It also now supports… Read More »

iBooks Author Updated With InDesign and Epub Importer

Apple rolled out a new update for their ebook making app yesterday with a few major updates. The app is still limited to only running on OSX, but on the plus side it gained new features. According to the changelog, iBooks Author offers a new ebook template and new options for linking inside an ebook. There… Read More »

eBook Production is Hard – Especially if it is an After Thought to the Paper Book

There’s a new article over on The Economist website this week which details the problems one creator experienced while trying to produce a paper book and an ebook for a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s well worth a read (beware the paywall). While the article is written from the viewpoint of being frustrated with the process… Read More »