New Firmware Update From Kobo Adds Improved Keyboard, New Page Turn Options

kobo itunes ios logoReports are coming in from MobileRead Forum that Kobo has rolled out another update for their ebook readers, and it’s a big one. Early adopters are saying that the new firmware lets them customize their reading experience and that there’s a new option to show or ignore Kobo’s X-ray-like Beyond the Book feature.

While no official changelog has been posted, users have reported the following differences: Continue reading

Kobo Rolls Out Firmware Update for Aura, Glo, Aura HD

Kobo_Glo[1]Kobo released a new update (v3.5) for their ereaders late last week, and they also released an update the the Kobo PC app (v3.9).

I don’t have details on the changes to the PC app, but early user reports posted at MobileRead are saying that kobo has made significant improvements with this latest firmware. Continue reading

Amazon Shows Some Love for Older Kindles & Releases Update for the Kindle Touch

KW-slate-05-lg._V166788135_[1]When Amazon released the new Kindle Touch and called it the Paperwhite I like many assumed that they would drop support for last year’s model. Boy was I wrong. Amazon has released a new update for the Kindle Touch which gives it some of the software features that it lacked and the Paperwhite had.

There’s nothing Amazon can do to update the screen resolution or give the KT a frontlight, but the the 5.3.2 update does add a number of nice features: Continue reading

Kindle Fire HD to Get Update Which Enables Kid-Friendly FreeTime Features

There’s been no sign of this update either on the Amazon website or on my Kindle Fire HD, but The Next Web is reporting that Amazon is rolling out an update for the KF HD.

This is supposed to be the update which adds the new parental control features. FreeTime was initially promised at the Kindle Fire HD launch event and then about a month ago Amazon promised it would be coming as an update. Continue reading

Anyone Try the Update for the Kindle 4 Yet?

Lost amid the many new gadgets unveiled by Amazon on Thursday was a new firmware update for the Kindle 4.

Amazon’s cheapest  and most basic Kindle was re-released on Thursday with a new lower price, a new black shell, and new features. There are also early reports on MobileRead about improvements to the screen, but I’m putting that down to quirks in the manufacturing process (Amazon didn’t mention it , at least) and the effect of the black bezel.

Update: Apparently the firmware update was simply more misdirection from Amazon et al. The new and old K4 are running on the June update.

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New firmware for Entourage Pocket Edge adds Android v2.2

A new firmware for the late Pocket Edge showed up on MobileRead a few days ago. I read about it at the time but I didn’t want to post about it until I knew that it worked. There’s at least 1 report that it does.

Warning: This is a hacked firmware. It’s entirely unauthorized and it might kill your Edge. It will also void the manufacturer’s warranty. Well, you don’t have one anymore so I suppose that doesn’t matter.

This update brings you a newer version of Android, and it also has the standard Google apps including the Android Market. It’s not clear that all the apps work properly, but this firmware seems to be stable. Now would be a good time to update.

Amazon offering a new beta firmware for the Kindle

I just found out that there’s a new firmware out for the K3. I’m still downloading it, so I can’t comment on how well it works. But some of the features really tempt me.

Page Numbers – People wanted them, so Amazon gave them to you. You’re now going to have the option of tracking your location based on the page numbers of the related paper edition. (No, I’m not joking.)

Public Notes – You’re now going to be able to share your notes from the Kindle.

New layout for Newspapers & Magazines – Look to the right ->


Cybook Orizon update available

Bookeen have just announced a new firmware update for the Cybook Orizon. This update brings some impressive improvements to this 6″ ereader. The reading app now has the option of bookmarks, highlights, and notes. The network utility was also improved and it will now connect automatically to known networks. Finally, the browser also got a couple tweeks: a favorite list and a progress bar.

I’d heard some details about this update a couple weeks ago, and I’d been holding off on my Orizon review until I could dowload it. I’ll statrt working on the review in the next few days.

You can get the update by connecting your Orizon to a Wifi network and going online.

NookColor update now available

The firmware update showed up on the B&N website last night, and I’m told it’s currently being pushed out to NC. They’re calling it a minor update, and improvements include:

  • Improved performance of Wi-Fi connectivity, Home and Shop.
  • Ability to pinch and zoom in browser.
  • Enhanced reading experience for magazines and children’s books.
  • Access helpful NOOKcolor related information and support tips on the new default browser home page.
  • Reduce mistyped passwords with “show password” option during registration and Wi-Fi set up.
  • Easily identify NOOK kids Read To Me™ books with a new text banner next to the titles in Shop.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

Did you notice pinch-zoom now works in the browser? Oh, how I want one.


New firmware update available for the (black) Pandigital Novel

Pandigital recently uploaded a new firmware for the black Novel. It’s dated 14 January.

I’ve downloaded and installed it. It’s still based on v1.5 and still uses the B&N ebookstore, but on the plus side the new firmware turned the Novel from an ereader into a tablet.With this firmware you can now install apps without having to hack the Novel. (Of course, you could already do that with the CA firmware.)

Update: If you’re looking for a the latest firmware update for this tablet, read this post. Much of this post is outdated.

The update didn’t affect any of the apps I already had installed, which is a plus. But it also didn’t add much besides the new home screen. Continue reading