Google Brings Data-Compression Tech to Chrome for Windows, OSX

-+*The data compression tech found in mobile web browsers like Silk, Opera Mini, and Chrome for Android is a useful way to save bandwidth when you’re browsing the internet over a mobile connection. Realizing that laptops are mobile devices too, Google just released a Chrome extension which will help users squeeze more web browsing into their limited… Read More »

This 99-Cent Android App Enables Speed Reading in Reading Apps

-+*When I was working on that post earlier today on Instapaper’s new speed reading feature, I came across another app which added a similar feature to Android reading apps. SpeedRead with Spritz is a 99 cent which uses Spitz’s speed reading service to offer an incredibly fast reading option. The app works with just about any Android… Read More »

Google Play Books Expands into Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia, And Slovakia

-+*Never one to rush into things, Google continued its steady expansion of Google Play Books this week by opening local ebookstores in Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia, and Slovakia. This is the first expansion in nearly 6 months, and brings the total number of countries to 70. Update: Or maybe not. For some unknown reason Google… Read More »

Google News Shutdown in Spain Not Having Much of an Impact

-+*When Spain passed its new copyright laws last October, many feared that the license fees imposed on snippets would imperil aggregators like Google News, social networks like Twitter, and online communities like Menéame. It’s still not clear how the latter have been affected, but the latest reports suggest that the impact on Google News has been minimal. Google did… Read More »

Google Adds Human App Review Process, Adopts Country-Sensitive Ratings

-+*Google may operate the second largest app store in the world and serve a billion people in over 190 countries, but for the longest time that store was allowed to operate under Wild West rules. Just about anything short of malware was allowed free reign, but that’s beginning to change. Google announced this morning that it would… Read More »

Google Hits Back at Mozilla, Urges Firefox Users to Switch Their Default Search Engine to Google

-+*Google has long been using subtle tricks to suggest that web users switch to its browser, and now it has adopted less than subtle techniques to get Firefox users to switch their default search engine. If you’ve used a recent vintage of Firefox then you might have noticed that it now defaults to Yahoo as… Read More »