Google Shutters Its Play Books Publisher Portal in Order to “Improve Its Content Management Capabilities”

Do you know how I’ve been harping on the rampant commercial piracy in Google Play Books (four posts in the past month)? I think Google finally got the message. I’ve just read on Twitter, and confirmed from a second source, that Google has closed the Google Play Books Partner Center to new users. The Partner Center is… Read More »

BookIndy Chrome Extension Lets You Shop Amazon (in the UK) for Books and Buy Local

Looking to assuage his guilt for shopping at Amazon, a developer in the UK has released a new Chrome extension which lets you browse and shop a participating local bookstore. Just announced on Medium, BookIndy is so new that its accompanying website is still blank, but the extension itself works well enough. When installed, the… Read More »

Google Play Books Rep Throws Up Hands, Tells Dutch Publisher That Nothing Can be Done About Obvious eBook Pirate

Google has a serious problem with piracy in Google Play Books. It lets just about anyone set up ebook shops in Google Play Books, and stock them with pirated ebooks. The pirates are allowed to upload copy after copy after copy of a pirated ebook, secure in the knowledge that Google won’t do anything more than… Read More »

Google Play Books for Android v3.4.5 Adds Hints Of Google Drive Sync For Notes, New Font, New Translation Interface

Most major ebook platforms let readers sync notes and highlights across the devices on their account, but now Google Play Books is going one better. The latest version of Google Play Books for Android showed up yesterday in Google Play. This wasn’t a major update but it did add a couple features and drop a hint about Google’s… Read More »

Google Play Books is a Safe Haven for Commercial eBook Piracy

Piracy is endemic to almost every retail site which sells digital content. Some sites such as Amazon routinely (and sometimes aggressively) police their catalog for pirated content, while others have a more laissez-faire attitude. Google definitely falls into the latter category. The ad network is allowing large-scale commercial ebook piracy to infest Google Play Books. Update:… Read More »