Voyage vs Paperwhite Comparison Review: the Web Browser

paperwhite screenshot web browserWhen I first reported on the new Kindle Voyage earlier this week I mentioned that the Voyage was running the same software as the Paperwhite. It turns out that is not entirely correct. While the two Kindles use what looks like the same web browser, the software running underneath the UI is not even close to being the same.

At the request of a reader, I spent some time yesterday playing with both Kindles, testing the web browsers, and I can report that the Voyage has the much better web browser. It’s enough better that I sincerely hope that the Paperwhite gets it in an update otherwise this could be a strong selling point for the Voyage. Continue reading

Review: Kindle Voyage

kindle voyage 5Remember last November when TechCrunch said that the Kindle “Ice Wine” would feature improved typography and a much better screen? I didn’t believe parts of that report at the time, but there have been moments over the past few days where I think TC may have understated the case.

Amazon’s latest Kindle, the Voyage, arrived at my door on Friday and now that the embargo has been lifted on Monday I can finally tell you what I think. Three days isn’t really enough time to write a review, but I do have a few thoughts. (I got my unit later than some of the other reviewers.) Continue reading

Round Up: Kindle Voyage Reviews

Kindle-VoyageAmazon’s latest and greatest ereader officially broke embargo today, a day ahead of the official shipdate, and the early reviews have already been posted.

I just got my unit on Friday and am still working on the review, but other bloggers got their units earlier. So far I have 8 reviews to share, and they should offer plenty of detail for the discerning reader. Continue reading

Hands On with the Fire HD 6

Fire HD 6 HorizontalAmazon’s $99 Android tablet will probably never grace my todo list (not unless my current unit dies) but that doesn’t mean I’m not as interested in it as the next gadget blogger.

While digging through Youtube today, I found a hands on video worth watching. It wasn’t made by a pro gadget blogger (which is part of the reason why I like it), but the guy has used Amazon’s other tablets and he regularly shoots videos of RC helicopters and other topics. Continue reading

Hands On With the Google Nexus 9

2615100_Tinhte-Google-Nexus9-15Google announced their latest Android tablet earlier this week, and while the English language blogosphere is still waiting to touch the winder-tablet a few lucky souls in Vietnam have gotten their hands on this 9″ tablet.

Sforum has posted a hands on video of the Nexus 9. It doesn’t exactly share a lot of the more intricate details, but the video does give a good idea how the Nexus 9 will look in the real world. Continue reading

First Impressions of the Boyue T62 Android eReader

Boyue-T62[1]After 3 weeks of impatient waiting, my newest ereader has finally arrived.

The Boyue T62 is the next gen follow on to the T61, aka the Icarus Illumina, aka my preferred ebook reader. According to the specs it has twice the storage and audio support with basically all the same buttons, ports, and card slots as the T61 (more details here). Continue reading

Review: $79 Kindle (2014)

Kindle-2014[1]After 3 years of price cuts and waiting, Amazon has at last replaced their cheapest Kindle with a new model.

The Kindle (2014) features a somewhat faster processor, touchscreen, and additional storage, but no frontlight or high resolution screen. It’s running basically the same software as the Kindle Paperwhite was running last month, which means that the new Kindle is still lacking the many new features which Amazon promised to add in a firmware update this fall. Continue reading

First Impressions of the New Budget Kindle

Kindle_00F_USAmazon’s newest budget Kindle is shipping today, and since I managed to snag a review unit I thought I would post my first impressions.

With a touchscreen and twice the storage, the $79 Kindle is in some ways an improvement on the unit it replaces. It runs the latest software, and the touchscreen saves users from having to use a d-pad to type in one character at a time. This is great, but based on the time I have spent with it I would say that in some ways the new Kindle is inferior to the model it replaced. Continue reading

Hands On With the 8″ Pocketbook InkPad

pocketbook inkpadLike many of Pocketbook’s customers, I’m still waiting for news of when they plan to ship their new 8″ ereader in Europe.

While trying to distract myself from pining, I spent some time today on Youtube looking at videos posted by luckier souls who managed to get in the same room as the new InkPad. I found a couple new videos that I thought showed a lot of detail about the InkPad. Continue reading