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Scribd Celebrates the 11 Month Anniversary of its eBook Subscription Service with an Infographic

scribd[1]The first of October will mark  one year since the launch of Scribd’s ebook subscription service, but rather than celebrate its first  anniversary (which coincidentally comes a few weeks after that of the launch of the competing service Oyster) Scribd has chosen to celebrate the 11 month anniversary. Continue reading

Infographic: The Fate of the Common Gadget – Life and Death After Usage

How-to-dispose-an-old-e-reader-or-tablet-intro-540x346[1]There comes a point with any gadget where it has to be disposed of. Whether it’s becasue you’ve upgraded to a newer device, or the battery has finally died for the last time, or because your smartphone went for a swim, the old gadget has got to go.

The following infographic lays out an argument against simply chucking the old device in the trash. Instead you should consider re-gifting or recycling the gadget so that it might be reused.  This not only helps someone else, it also reduces the damaging effects of e-waste and removes one more piece of trash from a landfill. Continue reading

Infographic: What Do People Read on the Toilet?

Whether or not we are willing to admit it in public, many people read while sitting on the toilet. But what exactly are they reading?

As you can see in the following infographic, the majority (63%) of respondents in one survey admitted to reading on the loo, and an even larger number (75%) have used their smartphone there. Some have even installed a tv in their bathroom. Continue reading

Infographic: Android vs iOS Reading Habits via Oyster

oyster logoWho’s up for an infographic on reading habits?

Earlier today Oyster posted a new infographic in their blog which shows the reading habits of Android vs iOS users of Oyster’s subscription ebook service. As you can see, Android users tend to read more during the day while iOS users tend to read at night  (this might be biased by Oyster iOS app launching months before the Android app). Continue reading

Infographic: 24 Books that Predicted the Future

Science Fiction has long tried to predict the future, and sometimes the predictions have proven true. Jules Verne conceived of the electric submarine 16 years before the first one launched. The Machine Stops conceived of a worldwide communications network 40 years before the first computer network.

This amazing infographic from Printer Inks lists 24 books that predicted – and surely inspired – technology innovations we use now in our daily life. It got a few details wrong, but in general it is a fun read. Continue reading

Infographic: Reading Around the World – What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits

Earlier this week Scribd released a new infographic, “Reading Around the World,” based on some of their most recent international reader data.

Their findings include details like Germans zipping through books faster than any other country in the world, and that Canadians are the most likely to read a book all the way till the end. The infographic also shows that some countries’ favorite books not what you would expect. Some countries’ interests align perfectly with their national identities – others are a bit surprising! Continue reading