Question: Is Kindle Unlimited One of the World’s Largest eBook Services?

The ongoing furor over the changes to KDP Select payment terms continues to generate debate in all quarters. Earlier today TechCrunch weighed in on the story, and all the attention focused on Kindle Unlimited has lead to a novel discussion over on the Kboards forum. Kboards member Vevo has noticed that the rise in the monthly… Read More »

Original Kindle Paperwhite (2012) Update v5.6.1.1 Adds Wordwise, Goodreads

With the new Kindle Paperwhite due to ship next week, Amazon has turned its attention to the older models. Amazon is currently rolling out an update for the three-year-old original Paperwhite. The v5.6.1.1 update doesn’t add the features that will ship on the new Paperwhite next week but it does bring the older model more in… Read More »

Scalzi Says That KDP Select Payment Terms Suck, but He’s Missed Half of the Point

Amazon’s announcement last week that it was changing the payment terms for KDP Select, the program used to supply books to Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, has caused any number of traditionally published authors and legacy industry pundits to decry the change. John Scalzi, for example, focused solely on the fiscal aspects and… Read More »

Marvel Renews Comixology Deal, Expands Exclusive Digital Comic Deal to Include Kindle Store

Amazon’s purchase of Comixology last year started paying the expected dividends this week. Marvel and Comixology announced on Thursday that they had signed a deal to extend their exclusive relationship on single issue comics. Marvel’s digital floppies will continue to be exclusively available through Comixology (graphic novels are of course available more widely). And now that Amazon… Read More »