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Are Scribd and Oyster Losing Customers Left and Right?

kindle unlimitedAmazon may be expanding Kindle Unlimited this morning but reports are coming in that their competitors in the ebook subscription market aren’t doing so well. posted yesterday that one market researcher is seeing a precipitous decline in Scribd and Oyster’s subscriber base (via Google Translate): Continue reading

Kindle Unlimited Now Slightly More So, Launches in the UK

kindleunlimitedRumors circulated when Kindle Unlimited launched a couple months ago that the service would go international in September or October and it looks like they’re coming true. Continue reading

Kindle Voyage Back-Ordered, Now Ships on 21 November

Kindle-VoyageWhen I first reported the launch of the Kindle Voyage last week I said that the $199 price tag was more than I was willing to pay for a 6″ ebook reader, sight unseen, but now it would seem I am in the minority.

A quick check of the Kindle Voyage page on Amazon this morning has revealed that several of the Kindle Voyage models have been delayed as late as the second week of December. While the 3G+ads model is still scheduled to ship in October, the other three options have been pushed back at least a month (there’s also a quota of two per customer). Continue reading

Amazon Upsets the Budget Tablet Market with a $99, 6″ Android Tablet

Proving for one and all that there can be a fire without smoke, Amazon launched a new 6″ Kindle Fire HD tablet on Wednesday. The new tablet is both the cheapest and the smallest tablet ever made by Amazon, and I may or may not be getting one. Continue reading

Amazon to Add New Reading Features to the Kindle Platform This Fall

feature-accessories._V325449456_In addition to launching a couple new Kindles on Wednesday, Amazon is also saying that they’re launching a whole slew of new reading features (some of which, including Kindle Unlimited, aren’t quite as new as Amazon would have you think). Continue reading

Amazon Launches the Kindle Voyage, Will Charge an Arm and a Leg

Kindle-VoyageWith the cat long out of the bag, Amazon officially launched the Kindle Voyage Wednesday night.

This new Kindle model is everything that the TechCrunch story from last November said it would be. It sports a 6″ E-ink screen with a screen resolution of 1440 x 1080, or 300 dpi. It has a touchscreen, an adaptive frontlight with ambient light sensors, and those fancy page turn sensors which I am dying to try out. Continue reading

Amazon Replaces the Basic Kindle With Touchscreen-Equipped Model, Will Ship it on 2 October

Kindle_00F_USThe blogosphere is all abuzz today with the news of the new Kindle Voyage, but that’s not the new Kindle that Amazon has on the way.

Lost in the excited chatter about the Kindle Voyage comes the news that Amazon is indeed replacing the now discontinued basic Kindle with a touchscreen model. Continue reading

Amazon Expands KDP Select with New Bonuses for Top-Performing Indie Authors

4340980647_3237664cc3_o[1]Amazon quietly expanded  the funding for KDP Select yesterday, adding nearly three million dollars in bonuses.

Launched in late 2011, KDP Select is a program in Amazon’s self-pub platform which offers indie authors special  privileges in exchange for exclusivity. Continue reading

Much Ado About Nothing: The Basic Kindle is Back at Amazon

kindle itunes Earlier this week Amazon sent a certain segment of the blogosphere into a tizzy when the retailer ran out of Kindles, but now it seems our frenzied speculation may have been premature.

Update: A replacement model leaked. It’s going to cost a little more and come with a touchscreen.

The basic Kindle is still out of stock on, but on Friday Amazon updated the listing with a new ship notice; they’re now expecting the ad-support model to be back in stock some time in the next one to two weeks. Continue reading

The $69 Kindle is Out of Stock – Could This be a Sign of a New Model on the Way?

Amazon-Kindle[1]Initially released in late 2011, the basic Kindle set a new standard in the ebook reader for minimal features at minimal price. With only minimal hardware updates (it was re-released in 2012 in black), it has proven to be a mainstay in Amazon’s dominance of the ebook reader market.

And now it seems to have begun to go out of stock.

Update: A replacement model leaked. It’s going to cost a little more and come with a touchscreen. Continue reading