KindleSpy Can Help Uncover Pricing, Keyword Secrets of the Kindle Store

-+*Whether it’s Big or Small, Data is the key to making decisions. That’s why Amazon launched its ebook pricing tool last year, and that’s why Wesley Atkins developed KindleSpy (warning: link leads to site with auto-play video). As you can see in the demo video, KindleSpy is designed to scrape a category in the Kindle Store and reveal… Read More »

Amazon Expands Kindle Store With Polish, Hungarian, Hindi, Latin, and Russian eBooks

-+*Here’s a late Friday night surprise for you. Amazon has quietly expanded the Kindle Store with ebooks in 5 additional languages: Russian, Hindi, Polish, Latin and Hungarian. Here’s one: Amazon’s usually pretty fastidious about the languages they support in the Kindle Store (they’ll even tell you which ones are supported),  but lately there’s been a rupture… Read More »

Will the New Kindle Unlimited Expansion Cause Another Dip in Author Payments?

-+*The news of Kindle Unlimited expansion into Canada and Mexico may bring smiles to the faces of readers but authors might not be as happy. As Kindle Unlimited launched and continues to expand, payments to authors dropped and remain low, raising concerns that with new expansions into Canada and Mexico will drop again. Kindle Unlimited draws… Read More »

Kindle Unlimited Launches in Mexico, Canada

-+*Amazon launched its subscription ebook service in Canada and Mexico on Thursday. Readers in those two countries can now read as much as they like for only $10 (CDN) or 129 pesos per month. The readers won’t find many best-sellers or traditionally published titles, but they can choose from a catalog of over 750,000 mainly self-published titles which includes… Read More »