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Kindle Unlimited to Launch Internationally at Frankfurt Book Fair?

kindle unlimitedThere’s a new report going around today that Amazon will be expanding their ebook subscription service in the next couple months.

In a story behind a paywall (and referenced here), is saying that Amazon will launch Kindle Unlimited at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. I can’t see who their source is and no other details are available to me, but I tend to believe this rumor. Continue reading

GigaOm is Wrong to Call Kindle Worlds a Bust

Amazon-Kindle-Worlds[1]When Amazon launched Kindle Worlds in May 2013 many people misunderstood the new service, and it appears that misunderstanding continues to sway journalists even today.

On Sunday GigaOm published an article describing Kindle Worlds as a bust. Working from a recently published research paper, Jeff John Roberts calls Kindle Worlds “a bust for fans, and for writers too”. Continue reading

Amazon Brings Whispersync for Voice to the UK

faultfeaturedoc._V345199048_[1]It’s been a long time since having inanimate objects talk to you was a sign of insanity, and that’s a good thing today because Whispersync for Voice, Amazon’s service for syncing your reading and listening positions across Kindle and Audible devices, launched in the UK today.

The Bookseller reports that the service is now live on Whispersync for Voice had initially launched in late 2012 with the Kindle Fire HD, but it was only available via Today the service formally goes live with the UK Kindle Store. Continue reading

Kindle for iOS v4.4 Update Adds Syncing and Navigation Improvements

kindle itunes logoAmazon rolled out a new update today for their bastion against the tyranny of Apple. The new version of the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone gains several feature, including ones which have been requested by users.

The app now supports the new syncing behavior which was added to the Kindle Paperwhite last week; it now syncs to the last page read and not the furthest page read.  Continue reading

New Kindle Fire 8.9 Tablet Leaks on Benchmark Site, Sports a Snapdragon 805 CPU

new kindle fire hdx 8.9The benchmarking site Antutu revealed this morning that they have discovered the first evidence of Amazon’s next tablet. A new set of benchmark test results were posted to the site which describe an 8.9″ Kindle Fire tablet with a Snapdragon 805 CPU, suggesting that the new tablet is going to be a slight upgrade to the existing model. Continue reading

So Kindle Unlimited Gives Traditionally Published Books an Advantage – What Else is New?

4340980647_3237664cc3_o[1]Kindle Unlimited may have only launched on Friday but it’s already having an affect on the Kindle Store rankings. A check of the Kindle Store “paid” best seller list this morning has revealed that 45 of the top 100 titles on the list were included in Kindle Unlimited. Continue reading

Kindle Paperwhite Update v5.4.5 Adds New PDF Features, Book-Buying Options

Kindle_Paperwhite_35438287_35437744_35438313_35438312_02_620x433[1]Amazon is rolling out a new update for their flagship ereader this week which adds a couple nifty features as well as one which might prove more annoying that it is worth.

According to the changelog posted by Amazon, the new update includes three listed features (there could be more, but we’ll have to wait for users to find them). Update you Kindle Paperwhite and it will automatically sync your most recently read latest page across all devices and apps on your Kindle account (whether you want it to or not). Continue reading

‘Close The Libraries And Buy Everyone An Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription’ – Forbes

TimWorstallLibraryHater1[1]Amazon’s new subscription plan for e-book readers is already ammo for library-haters. Check out this gem in Forbes online.

The headline I’ve quoted reflects the precise sentiments of the article: “Let’s just close down the lending libraries and buy every citizen an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.” Continue reading