Is the Kindle App Draining the Battery on Your iPad/iPhone?

With literally months of standby time, Apple’s mobile devices have excellent battery life. Most users will tell you that their iPhone lasts at least a day of heavy usage (the iPad lasts even longer) but lately there have been reports from some users that battery life has dropped significantly. James Kendrick of ZDnet was the first blogger to notice,… Read More »

Amazon is Killing it in the Subscription eBook Market

If you were hoping that new retailers in the subscription ebook market could grow large enough to balance Amazon, then you might want to look for a plan B. A new survey report from Peter Hildick-Smith’s Codex Group reveals that Amazon is dominating subscription ebooks to a surprising degree.  Even though Amazon doesn’t have any ebooks… Read More »

“Invaded by the iWatch: an Erotic Short Story” Now Available in the Kindle Store

The first Apple Watch shipments are still making their way to customers, but Apple’s wearable has already inspired its first erotic story. A new ebook, Invaded by the iWatch, hit the Kindle Store late last month. As you can tell from the name, the book is a romantical adventure featuring the Apple Watch. The 4,000 word short-short was published by… Read More »

Amazon Adds 2,000 Audiobooks to Kindle Unlimited in Germany

Audiobooks have proven to be Scribd’s secret weapon in the subscription ebook market but Amazon is not exactly unarmed. The retailer has offered around 2,000 audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited since it launched last July, and now German subscribers can join the fun. Amazon just announced that the addition of 2,000 English and German Audible audiobook titles… Read More »

Kindle Textbook Creator Now Lets You Embed Audio & Video

Amazon released the first major update for their three-month-old textbook creation app today, and it’s finally getting useful. Kindle Textbook Creator still accepts only PDF as the source file, and it’s still listed as being in beta, but now the tool lets educators embed video and audio files in the e-textbooks they make. It also now supports… Read More »