The Shanda Bambook Sunflower is as Locked Down as the Kyobo eReader

Qualcomm surprised me this evening at the Pepcom event; they had their new business partner in the booth and a couple Bambook Sunflower units on display. Qualcomm just announced the Sunflower this morning, and I wasn’t expecting to see it until CES officially opened. I even got a chance to speak to the CEO of… Read More »

Bambook Sunflower eReader Launches Today in China – Mirasol!

Qualcomm decided to start CES off with a bang. They’ve just announced a second partner with a second Mirasol ereader. It’s the Bambook Sunflower, and it looks to be using the same basic hardware as the Kyobo Mirasol eReader that I reviewed a couple weeks back. This device is built around a 5.7″ Mirasol screen,… Read More »