EU High Court Rules that Embedding a Video is Not Copyright Infringement (Except When it IS)

d2448a9938c648598ecc6e75c0485e5b-800[1]In its quest to generate more billable hours for attorneys, the European Court of Justice ruled last week that Europeans  might not have broken copyright law by embedding a Youtube clip from their favorite show in a blog post. Continue reading

Appeals Court Overturns GSU Library Fair Use Case – But For Good Reasons

4131837946_c83b57d877[1]A key fair use ruling was overturned a couple days ago, but you won’t find me crying into my bran flakes this morning.

Copyright Librarian and Techdirt reported on Friday that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling in Cambridge University Press et. al. v. Patton, the 2008 copyright infringement lawsuit which is otherwise known as “the Georgia State library case”. Continue reading

Green Mountain Faces Pivotal Lawsuit in Canada Over Coffee Pod DRM

3054417505_7261918945[1]Here’s an interesting wrinkle in the ongoing saga of Green Mountain and its nutty plan to lock out competitors through DRM.

It seems one coffee roaster in Ontario is suing Green Mountain and alleging that the latter’s decision to use DRM on its next generation coffee pods amounted to anti-competitive practices.  Continue reading

Dear Author Launches a Defense Fund, Continues to Fight Defamation Suit

14657855389_b5407d2ede_z[1]Bloggers, authors, and readers alike have voiced their support for the Dear Author book blog following the news of a defamation lawsuit last Friday, and now we have the chance to do so with our pocketbooks.

Dear Author revealed on Friday that they have launched a defense fund on GoFundMeContinue reading

Update on the Ellora’s Cave v. Dear Author Defamation Suit

5751301741_aa8463e472_b[1]Much has changed in the three days since I brought you news that Ellora’s Cave was suing well-known romance book blog Dear Author for defamation, and few of the changes favor Ellora’s Cave.

Jane Litte, the pseudonymous editor of Dear Author, announced this morning that she had hired the big guns to defend her in this lawsuit, noting that: Continue reading

Ellora’s Cave Sues Dear Author Book Blog for Defamation

3293465641_b6c5081e87_b[1]Here’s something crazy.

Romance publisher Ellora’s Cave has been having financial issues for the past year or so, but rather than sit down and fix them this publisher has decided that the best solution was a public and messy defamation lawsuit.

Publishers File Appeal in Lawsuit Against Used eBook Website

5573381914_00a7bc2517_b[1]The legal woes of the used ebook site Tom Kabinet continued last week as publishers filed an appeal of the July injunction which declared the site legal.

Launched in June 2014, offers a marketplace where consumers can resell the ebooks they have purchased. The site collects a fee on each sale, but aside from offering basic preventative measures against cheating and limiting sales to only DRM-free or DRM-light ebooks, the site is a facilitator and not a seller. Continue reading

Amazon Sends Out Email Concerning Apple’s Antitrust Settlement

3293465641_b6c5081e87[1]It’s been just over a month since Judge Cote okayed the settlement agreement between Apple and the DOJ over Apple’s role in the 2010 conspiracy  to raise and fix ebook prices, and the first legal notices are starting to go out to consumers affected by the settlement.

Amazon sent out an email to Kindle customers early this morning. I got a copy, and it is quoted below. It’s quite long, and if you haven’t been following this topic closely it is worth a read. The letter is a legal notice that details a consumer’s rights under the settlement, as well as how and when consumers might receive a share of the settlement. Continue reading