New Class Action Suit Filed Against Penguin Random House, Author Solutions

-+*In April 2013, the law firm of Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart filed a class action lawsuit against Penguin and its scamtastic vanity press, Author Solutions. The case survived several motions to dismiss, and this past February it completed discovery and filed for class certification. Now Writer Beware reports that the same law firm has filed a second class… Read More »

E-ink Loses Two-Year-Old Patent Lawsuit Over Competing Screen Tech

-+*For the past couple years E-ink has been in an ongoing legal battle with German gadget maker Trekstor. The latter company was and is selling ereaders which incorporated screen tech which E-ink claimed violated its patents, but now two different courts have disagreed. The Bundespatentgericht (German Federal Patent Court) ruled in December that one of the patents E-ink… Read More »

Apple Sued for Poaching Engineers from Battery Maker

-+*Those improbable rumors of Apple working on an electric car got a little more real today. Numerous sources are reporting that Apple is being sued by A123 Systems, a maker of batteries and battery systems for the consumer and commercial vehicles, and  commercial power plants.  Apple is accused of poaching engineers who were responsible for development… Read More »

Whether Apple Wins or Loses Their Appeal, The Consumer Still Comes Out Ahead

-+*With  the Amazon-Hachette dispute settled and DBW not happening until next month, there’s a shortage of fireworks in the digital publishing industry at the moment. Apple’s brief hearing today helped make up for that lack, but I don’t think the show is going to last long or be as favorable for Apple as some would… Read More »