Does Anyone Know Why Reagent Press is Filing a Class Action Suit Against Amazon?

This afternoon’s news about the latest stage in the ongoing suit against Author Solutions reminded me of another potential lawsuit I have been following. A couple months ago a reader tipped me to the news* that Reagent Press, a small publisher based in the state of Washington, is “seeking class-action participants in a potentially $1B… Read More »

Judge Cote Denies Class Action Cert in Lawsuit Against Penguin Random House, Author Solutions

The first class action lawsuit filed by authors against the infamous vanity press Author Solutions has suffered a blow this week. US District Court Judge Denise Cote has handed down a ruling that denied class action status. This lawsuit was originally filed in 2013 by the law firm Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart on behalf of authors… Read More »

The Recent Tintin Ruling Offers a Valuable Reminder that Creators Need to Understand the Contracts They Sign

How well do you know the contracts you’ve sign? In the case of the Belgian cartoonist Herge (or rather his estate), the answer is not very well. The Comics Reporter and Artnet reported last week that the Herge estate has lost an important copyright lawsuit over Tintin, the famous Belgian cartoon character. The estate had sued a Netherlands-based Tintin fan… Read More »

Elsevier Files Suit Against Pirate Search Engines

Elsevier continued its whack-a-mole game with pirates this week by filing a lawsuit against, a search engine. TorrentFreak reports that Elsevier has filed suit in New York District Court against LibGen and another search engine, The publisher alleges that the sites are pirating articles from Elsevier’s ScienceDirect platform. ScienceDirect is of course behind a… Read More »

Comic Creators Claim Ownership Over Idea of Powered Suits of Armor, File Suit against Marvel

Now here’s a ridiculous lawsuit. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ben Lai and Ray Lai, two brothers who run Horizon Comics Productions, have filed suit against Marvel. They allege that the Iron Man suits used in the movies ripped off designs from the Lai brothers comic, Radix: According to a lawsuit filed on Thursday alleging copyright… Read More »

New Class Action Suit Filed Against Penguin Random House, Author Solutions

In April 2013, the law firm of Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart filed a class action lawsuit against Penguin and its scamtastic vanity press, Author Solutions. The case survived several motions to dismiss, and this past February it completed discovery and filed for class certification. Now Writer Beware reports that the same law firm has filed a second class… Read More »