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Judge Cote Orders Mediation in Latest eBook Antitrust Lawsuit

14135683605_a5650500d5_b[1]The antitrust lawsuits brought by 3 ebook retailers took an unexpected turn on Thursday when Judge Denise Cote ordered the 3 plaintiffs to enter into mediation with the Price Fix 6 to settle claims that Apple and 5 US publishers had conspired in 2010 to raise and fix ebook prices.

According to PW: Continue reading

Apple Agrees to Pay $450 Million in eBook Antitrust Lawsuit

3192774242_636eee130f_b[1]New court documents filed today have revealed that Apple has agreed to pay $450 million to settle the damages claims brought by the DOJ, state’s attorney generals, and civil attorneys who had filed class-action lawsuits.

The payment comes in the damages phase of an antitrust lawsuit which was filed by the Dept of Justice in 2012. Apple and 5 publishers were accused of conspiring to raise ebook prices and restrict competition. The 5 publishers settled before trial, but Apple fought the case in court and lost in July 2013. Continue reading

FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases – They Should Have Seen that Coming

6192822061_e3907a1a21_b[1]Both Apple and Google have faced criticism over the years for their policies concerning in-app purchases, and now it’s Amazon’s turn.

The Federal Trade Commission announced this morning that it was suing Amazon on behalf of parents and other Amazon customers who had experienced unauthorized in-app purchases via their Amazon accounts. Continue reading

Google Responds to Authors Guild in Google Books Appeal

5226636919_34c460f5f9_b[1]The Authors Guild may have lost its 8-year-long lawsuit against Google last November, but they’re not through. The AG filed an appeal of that ruling in April of this year, and on last Thursday Google filed its response (PDF).

In the appeal, Google starts by reiterating its arguments that its book-scanning project fell under the Fair Use clause of US copyright law. Frequently citing the similar HaithiTrust ruling, Google’s brief takes us through the four parts of the fair use exception while noting that “statutory factors are not a scorecard”. Continue reading

Publishers (Again) Object to Apple Antitrust Ruling

481654727_978e2e9dd3_b[1]Last week US publishers demonstrated that old adage that insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

Publishers Weekly reports that the agency publishers which were part of the 2010 price fixing conspiracy and then settled the antitrust lawsuit out of court are once again objecting to the agreement between Apple and the DOJ. Continue reading

Used eBook Website Faces Lawsuit in Europe

tom kabinet used ebook marketplaceThe used ebook marketplace Tom Kabinet is only a week old but it is already facing legal challenges to its business model. reported this morning that the Groep Algemene Uitgevers (GAU), the Dutch Trade Publishers Association, has already sent a warning letter to Tom Kabinet, demanding that the site cease operations. Continue reading

German Publishers Want 11% of Google’s Revenues

google-germany-logo-06[1]Earlier this week I reported on a coalition of major German publishers which had filed a lawsuit against Google. The publishers wanted to be paid for the privilege of being listed in Google’s search results, and after a similar legislative effort didn’t succeed this year decided to pursue the issue in court. Continue reading

German Publishers Sue Google, Demand Google Pay for Giving them Free Advertising

google-is-evil-300x270-1314103412[1]Not satisfied with simply getting free advertising from search engines like Google, media companies in one country after another have tried time after time to force Google to pay for all the visitors that Google sends to their  websites.

This idea has been tried in Germany, Belgium, and France, and it is currently being considered in Spain. So far none of the attempts have had much success (although the French media did squeeze a token payment out of Google), and today I learned that a newspaper cooperative in Germany is going to mount a second attempt to force Google to pay for the free advertising it gives them. Continue reading

Apple Reaches Settlement on eBook Antitrust Lawsuit

110619784_190162d261_o[1]According to a new court document filed on Monday, Apple has reached a settlement in the antitrust lawsuits brought by state attorneys general and consumers over ebook price fixing.

The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but we do know that the damages trial has been indefinitely postponed. Continue reading