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The ALA Wants You to Know that Libraries Are More Than Just a “Netflix for Books”

13232567193_45a92ba460_z[1]The launch of Kindle Unlimited last week spawned a round of articles calling for killing libraries and replacing them with KU subscriptions, and today the ALA fired back.

The American Library Association has released the results of their latest survey today, and according to the report libraries fill more needs in the community than simply as a warehouse for books. Continue reading

Hip Video Explains All-Digital Library in Bexar County, Texas

BiblioTechPromo2[1]–Read an e-book at home or in the library, or a digital comic or graphic novel.

–Maybe even read E to your visiting  child if you’re a jailed mother.

–Use two-way Google Hangouts video to enjoy a virtual book club without leaving your house. Or go to the same event in person and see yourself later on YouTube. Continue reading

‘Close The Libraries And Buy Everyone An Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription’ – Forbes

TimWorstallLibraryHater1[1]Amazon’s new subscription plan for e-book readers is already ammo for library-haters. Check out this gem in Forbes online.

The headline I’ve quoted reflects the precise sentiments of the article: “Let’s just close down the lending libraries and buy every citizen an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.” Continue reading

Simon & Schuster Expands Library eBook Program to All US Libraries

496739855_21321c43f7_b[1]Satisfied with their year-old library ebook pilot, Simon & Schuster announced today that they were making their entire catalog of frontlist and backlist titles available as ebooks to all libraries in the US.

As with the pilot, libraries can acquire an ebook under a one-user at a time license which expires after a year. Library patrons can also buy buy S&S ebooks via the library website, earning libraries a commission on the ebook sales they generate. Continue reading

Miss Scarlett, in the Library, with a Kindle

9340655085_4c5b88068c_b[1]Libraries everywhere are ereaders and tablets for their patrons, but some are discovering that it’s not a good idea to let the devices leave the building. A small library north of Anchorage, Alaska recently learned the hard way that expensive electronics are tempting prizes for thieves. Continue reading

Publishers Price-Gouge Libraries, Libraries Respond by Cutting Back on the Service

BLC[1]In the consumer ebook market Amazon is a villain that tries to keep prices down, but there is no similar villain in library ebooks. As the major trade publishers have shown us time and again, publishers can jack up prices or otherwise limit services in order to try to get more revenue from libraries.

There isn’t much that libraries can do about it, but sometimes they do cancel contracts or otherwise walk away from a service which has grown to expensive. The Boston Library Consortium was recently the victim of a surprise price hike: Continue reading

OverDrive’s Big Library Read Event Launches Next Week

If you’ve blackberry overdrive devicesbeen looking for a good reason to explore your library’s ebook catalog for the first time then you should mark your calendar for next week.

Starting on 3 June, OverDrive will be holding a two week long Big Library Read event. Participating libraries will be lending A Pedigree to Die For by Laurien Berenson to all who want to read it. Continue reading

Library Journal, BiblioBoard Launch a Self-Pub eBook Discovery Service for Libraries

web_banner_self-e[1]Ask any author and they’ll tell you that getting noticed is difficult. Whether it’s bookstores or ebookstores, getting and keeping the attention of potential buyers can be tricky, and this truism extends to the library ebook market as well. Continue reading

Self-Published eBooks are Coming Soon to a Library Near You

Hot on thesmashwords overdrive heels of yesterday’s news about txtr, Smashwords announced  a new partnership with Overdrive today. At long last, authors and publishers can now use Smashwords to distribute their titles to the king of the library ebook market. Continue reading

OverDrive eBooks are now Compatible with Kindle FreeTime

kindle-free-time[1]The library ebook distributor OverDrive announced on Wednesday that their ebooks were now compatible with Kindle FreeTime.

Kindle FreeTime (not to be confused with the paid Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service) is a suite of parental control software that Amazon has built into the Kindle Fire Android tablets and the Kindle ebook readers. It allow parents to filter or restrict certain content to protect their kids from mature material, stop the kids from messing around with the device’s settings, and otherwise lock down one of Amazon’s devices. Continue reading