An Incomplete Report on a Flawed Pilot Program Suggests that Library eBook Loans Don’t Drive Sales

14802098605_129344b4ab_m[1]Earlier today the UK Publishers Association released a 6 month status report on the small scale library ebook lending project which had been carried on in the UK for the past 8 months. If the report is to be believed, ebook loans don't affect the lending rate for paper books, and they also don't drive sales *.

I wouldn't be so sure about that last point. Continue reading

Simon & Schuster Loosens Restrictions on Library eBook Distribution

8272268557_d171d62c6d[1]When Simon & Schuster expanded its library ebook distribution in June, they required all libraries who bought S&S ebooks for their collections to also add a buy button to the listings in the libraries' catalogs. Today S&S relaxed that restriction, possibly in the hopes that more libraries would carry S&S titles. Continue reading

3M Cloud Library Launches New Hardware Lending Program with the Nook Glowlight

nook glowlight 3m cloud libraryIt looks like this is going to be a week for bad ideas, because 3M just stepped in it.

I just got a press release which touts the 3M Cloud Library's new hardware lending program. This library ebook vendor was pleased to announce that their platform was now compatible with the Nook Glowlight, B&N's latest ereader. Continue reading

eBooks Distributed by Smashwords Now Showing up in OverDrive’s Main eBook Catalog

224630603_3d05d361bc[1]Things are looking up for authors who distribute their ebooks through Smashwords and want to get them into libraries. Reports are coming in today that a handful of indie titles have escaped the self-published ghetto and are now listed in the main Over Drive catalog with all of the "regular" ebooks. Continue reading

The WSJ is Wrong – Libraries Will Always Trump Kindle Unlimited

11252791576_0d4ea1ffb7_b[1] The Wall Street Journal has joined the chorus of voices comparing public libraries to subscription ebook services, and unfortunately its comparison is almost as false as the suggestion published by Forbes that libraries be replaced by Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.

Writing in yesterday's WSJ, Geoffrey Fowler argues that public libraries offer a better value - for now: Continue reading

Report: Library eBook Lending Lags the US in Much of the World

5146281054_ba26fb9723_m[1]A new report from the IFLA reminds us that annoyances like Penguin and other major US trade publishers restricting checkouts is truly a first world problem.

Released last week, the IFLA 2014 eLending Background Paper offers a detailed look at the state of library ebook collections around the world. Continue reading