The Morning Coffee – 31 October 2104

Here are 8 stories to read this morning.

  • Agents Behaving Badly(A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing)
  • Amazon’s Impact on Publishing? It’s Complicated (PW)
  • Ask The Chefs: How Do You Stay Informed About Scholarly Publishing? (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  • Flipboard, Circa, And Yahoo Deliver The News (ReadWrite)
  • Madefire Updates Motion Book Tool to Add Animation Features (TNW)
  • OdiloConsortia to power the eBook pilot project for the State Library of NSW in Australia (No Shelf Required)
  • The publishers that put their content directly on social platforms (Digiday)

The Morning Coffee – 29 October 2014

Publishers are the focus of this morning’s reading list, with Ben Thompson offering a unique explanation for the state of traditional publishers and Bloomberg taking the position that publishers should be saved. Other stories include a call for a Google tax, the ridiculous state of copyright law, and more.

  • EU digital economy chief wants Google to pay up under new copyright law (GigaOm)
  • Facebook’s phony claim that “you’re in charge.” (Pressthink)
  • Publishers and the Smiling Curve (stratechery by Ben Thompson)
  • Save the Book Publisher  (Bloomberg View)
  • Websites with reader inputs offer new ways for writers to get their works out (The Strait Times)
  • When Even The New Yorker Is Doing Long Features On The Ridiculous State Of Copyright Law… (Techdirt)

The Morning Coffee – 28 October 2014

In contrast to yesterday’s news coverage (which was unintentionally hyper-focussed on Amazon), the reading list is diverse this morning.

Be sure to catch the post on authors you wish would resume writing,  11 things you didn’t know about ebook buyers, why digital publishers should be included in prize lists, as well as the other posts. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 27 October 2014

The reading list is diverse and eclectic this morning, with stories ranging a paean on reading on your smartphone, the final words of the departing EU Digital commissioner, a look at the NYTimes’ investment in Blendle, and more.

  • The Best Device For Reading Is Still the Phone In Your Pocket (Gizmodo)
  • Departing EU Digital Commissioner Warns Against ‘Analogue Europe’ Blocking Digital Innovation (Techdirt)
  • New York Times invests in Dutch “iTunes for news” company(GigaOm)
  • Why Does Apple Want to Halve the Price of On-Demand Music? (Copyright and Technology)
  • Why you shouldn’t collect comics ()

The Morning Coffee – 24 October 2014

The reading list may be short this morning but it’s full of stories worth reading, including an update on the Ellora’s Cave lawsuit, a reader’s manifesto, a look at how Indian publishers are running a FUD campaign against Flipkart and Amazon, and more.

The Morning Coffee – 23 October 2014

Here are six stories to read with your morning beverage.

  • Amazon is doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers (Vox)
  • Apple Gives Itself Unfair eBooks Advantage (Mike Cane’s xBlog)
  • David Balzer: how “curationism” influences our reading identities (Quill and Quire)
  • Q&A With Anna Todd, the Breakout Fanfic Star Who Writes Everything on Her Phone (Re/code)
  • A response to the support received by Kathleen Hale after she stalked a book blogger (Book Thingo)
  • Self-Publishing is Basically the YouTube of Literature (LitReactor)

The Morning Coffee – 22 October 2014

With only 5 links, there’s not much to read this morning, but the demise of another boutique digital publisher, Chuck Wendig’s guid on how to respond to a bad review, the Passive Guy’s take on Hachette post S&S-Amazon, and the other links are all worth reading.

The Morning Coffee – 21 October 2014

With a sermon from Konrath, the death of digital magazines, and a debate over whether authors should convert their own ebooks or hire it out, the reading list is quite short this Tuesday morning.

  •  Amazon Will Slash Your Royalties!  (A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing)
  • Apple updates iBooks Author, adds in support for importing ePub and InDesign files (TNM)
  • Are Digital Magazines Dead? (WIRED)
  • Should You Convert Your Ebook Yourself, Or Hire A Professional? (Learn Out Live!)
  • Why the subscription dream of a ‘Netflix for books’ still has its limits (The Observer)