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The Morning Coffee – 29 July 2014

The reading list is short this morning.

The Morning Coffee – 21 July 2014

Absent the posts on Kindle Unlimited, the reading list this morning is not long. (Yes I do see 7 items as a short list; I’m weird that way.)

For your reading pleasure this morning, I offer you Chris Meadows’s post on the latest Author Earning Report, and The Guardian‘s one-sided report on the same.  The list also includes a perambulation through the misuse of the word novel, books you’re never going to read, and more. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 15 July 2014

Pour yourself a large cup this morning, for the reading list is long.

The list kicks off with Amazon the friendly giant and finishes up with a publisher’s take on the RWA devoting (too much) attention on self-pub. In between the two stories we have a post on how the self-pub/ trad-pub debate is taking on the tones of political debate, the possibility that Google might be regulated as a utility in Germany, and why there’s no reason to sign with a major publisher. Continue reading