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The Morning Coffee – 19 September 2014

The reading list is short this Friday morning.

  • Amazon and Apple just made buying digital media a lot more attractive (Re/code)
  • Apple drops wearable bombshell #2 (Scoopertino)
  • The Bookseller to preview indie titles (The Passive Voice)
  • My thoughts on the new Amazon Kindle lineup (TeleRead)
  • The New $79 Kindle is Basically a Downgraded Kindle Touch From 3 Years Ago (The eBook Reader Blog)
  • A publisher’s wish list for any new iPad models starts with greater storage capacity (Talking New Media)
  • Wikipedia’s Battle on Right to Be Forgotten (Netopia)

The Morning Coffee – 18 September 2014

The reading list this morning includes a list of signs that you are addicted to tech, a takedown of Malcolm Gladwell, 10 things you shouldn’t say to a writer, an explanation of why you might not be reading as broad of a range of views as you thought, and more. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 15 September 2014

My reading list this fine Monday morning begins with a trio of photo tools for authors, a detailed history of the trainwreck which is Ellora’s Cave, a plea to digitize not paper but works in greater risk of loss or destruction.  Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 12 September 2014

The reading list this morning is quite short, and is limited to just a copy of Gawker’s new policy banning clickbait headlines, a rehashing if the revival of indie bookstores, the value of book coaches, and how Stephen King teaches writing.

  • Gawker memo: No more headlines that start with ‘Sorry,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Yes’ ()
  • Independent bookstores rising: They can’t compete with Amazon, and don’t have to. (Slate)
  • How a Book Coach Can Jumpstart Your Writing Career (Writer Unboxed)
  • How Stephen King Teaches Writing (The Atlantic)

The Morning Coffee – 10 September 2014 (the Apple-Free Edition)

Your reading list this morning includes a set of apps for writers, a chart of the rise and fall of B&N’s digital revenues, Cory Doctorow’s latest editorial, and more. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 8 September 2014

The reading list is short this morning, and it includes a satirical take on updates to textbooks.

The Morning Coffee – 5 September 2014

Today’s reading list starts with a book review which was clearly intended for The Onion but was accidentally published by The Economist, a plaint about the lack of fact checking in publishing – most non-fiction books have facts in them (trust me, I’ve checked), two posts on tech in the classroom, and more. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 4 September 2014

There’s an ecclectic set of links on the reading list this Thursday morning, including a post arguing that The Doctor is a Mary Sue, the effect anonymity has on feedback from readers, and more. Continue reading