Facebook Launches Instant Articles, & I’m Still Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

So Facebook announced its ground-breaking, industry-shattering, paradigm-shifting  plan to host articles and videos published elsewhere and I find myself distinctly underwhelmed. It’s not just that the pilot is limited to just nine publishers, all of which are big names; I expected that. I also expected we would see the influence of Facebook’s paper app. But I… Read More »

Report: Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple Looking to Buy Social News Reader Prismatic

Part StumbleUpon and part Flipboard, for the past several years Prismatic has been developing a social news reader for iOS, Android, and the web. And now it is said to be in the sights of Microsoft. TechCrunch reports that Prismatic is currently talking to a number of companies, including MS and Apple, about a possible acquisition. No party will… Read More »