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It’s Been a Year and a Day Since Google Reader Shutdown. Has Anything Changed?

google-reader-logoAlmost 15 months have passed since Google announced that they were shuttering Google Reader, and yesterday marked the one year anniversary of its demise. Mashable was the first to notice the anniversary, and they inspired me to look back and see just how much has changed. Continue reading

SwarmIQ Launches Premium Service, Now Boasts 10k Users of Its News Reader Service

swarmiq_logo[1]In the post Google Reader world, Feedly gets most of the attention from the media (and from extortionists, sadly), but they are far from the only news reader service out there. One of Feedly’s smaller competitors, SwarmIQ, launched a premium service last month (it only just now crossed my desk). Continue reading

It’s Not Just You – Feedly is Down Again

feedly logoIf you’re having trouble accessing Feedly on Thursday, there’s no need to complain to your ISP.

Feedly reported on their blog that they are suffering from a second DDoS attack today. There’s no mention of a culprit but Feedly has told us: Continue reading

Feedly Hit with a DDoS Attack, Extortion Demands

feedly logoIf you’ve been having trouble accessing your Feedly account today, I wouldn’t blame the startup. Feedly announced around 5am eastern time this morning that they are under a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack as part of an extortion attempt: Continue reading

Reeder for iOS Updated With a Bevy of Improvements and Bug Fixes

image-13795164056HeBrx1[1]The popular news reader app Reeder was updated to version 2.2 earlier this week with a fairly lengthy list of new features and bug fixes.

In addition to some rather cool features like background updates, the new version of the app now has a loading progress indicator in the in-app browser, better support for feed links (feed://) in 3rd-party apps, and improved navigation. Continue reading

gReader v3.7.0 Adds New Themes, Features, and More

greader logoGoogle Reader may have gone to that great server in the sky but many of its competitors live on.

gReader got a major update over the weekend which added many new features and improvements, including an option to export the list of feeds you follow, new blue and green color themes, as well as improvements to a number of existing features. Continue reading

The Old Reader Adds Speed Reading Tech from Spritz

Spritz 3027008-inline-56tvouk[1]has been wowing many bloggers and pundits with glimpses at their new take on an established speed reading technology, but it wasn’t until today that anyone could make real use of it.

The Old Reader announced on their blog on Thursday that they had added a new reading option. This news reader service has partnered with Spritz to enable their users to quickly read blog posts and news articles. Continue reading

Feedbin Updated With New Sharing Options

feedbin[1]The news reader service Feedbin rolled out a major update this morning.

Readers will now find that they have a wide variety of sharing options, including email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The update also adds options to save an article to be read later, including Pinboard, Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Evernote, and there’s also an option to send an article to a Kindle account. Continue reading

Wiser Wants to Help Readers Sort the Web – for a Fee

When it logo@1x[1]comes to helping readers find their next article, free services like Flipboard and Zite are getting all of the attention but the real money is in selling this service to corporations.

A new startup has just raised its first million dollars, and it is reportedly launching this week with the goal of tapping into that corporate market. Wiser is the work of serial entrepreneur Sandeep Ayyappan, whose name you might have heard in connection with Delve.

Continue reading

NewsBlur Updated With Full Text Search

newsblurThe news reader service Newsblur rolled out a new update today which adds the holly grail of RSS feed readers: full text search.

Readers can now search all of their feeds for a given term. The search function will check all of the titles, tags, and articles for the term and return a list. Continue reading