How Google’s Blunder Was Apple’s and Facebook’s Opportunity (Google Reader)

Most of the coverage of Facebook’s Instant Articles has focused on the assumption that people want to get their news through their social networks. As a recently released report from the Pew Research Center shows, that is true to some degree but it’s not the only theory going nor does it explain all the facts. Bob… Read More »

Feedly to Release Publisher SDK to Better Compete With Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles

With the announcement of Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles earlier this year, RSS is going through a revival the likes of which we haven’t seen since the death of Google Reader in 2013. And Feedly is poised to take advantage. I’ve just learned that Feedly is currently beta testing a publisher toolkit which will give… Read More »

Facebook Launches Instant Articles, & I’m Still Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

So Facebook announced its ground-breaking, industry-shattering, paradigm-shifting  plan to host articles and videos published elsewhere and I find myself distinctly underwhelmed. It’s not just that the pilot is limited to just nine publishers, all of which are big names; I expected that. I also expected we would see the influence of Facebook’s paper app. But I… Read More »

Report: Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple Looking to Buy Social News Reader Prismatic

Part StumbleUpon and part Flipboard, for the past several years Prismatic has been developing a social news reader for iOS, Android, and the web. And now it is said to be in the sights of Microsoft. TechCrunch reports that Prismatic is currently talking to a number of companies, including MS and Apple, about a possible acquisition. No party will… Read More »