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Beta-Testers Wanted for PDF Worksheet

26 May, 2016 // 7 Comments

Do we have any teachers or textbook/continuing-ed authors in the house? Last night I was inspired to take my recent post on coming up with names and rework it so that it is more about going through [Read More ...]

What Are You Reading On?

6 April, 2016 // 74 Comments

This week's news about the new Kindles has sparked discussions both here, on MobileRead Forums, and elsewhere about readers' current ebook gadget. Many of us are looking at our current hardware and [Read More ...]

Open Topic for Readers

26 November, 2015 // 17 Comments

I have been writing this blog for nearly six years now, and one thing I've noticed is that I get a jump in traffic around Thanksgiving day (and Christmas). Looking at the most popular pages [Read More ...]

What Are You Reading On? (Poll)

3 January, 2015 // 46 Comments

With the new year comes new gadgets,and thanks to the excess of devices (many are quite workable) still floating around from past years, a reader has many choices for reading devices. Every few [Read More ...]
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