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Is Kindle Unlimited Good or Bad for Authors – Six Viewpoints

question-markIn the two days since Amazon officially announced their ebook subscription service, everyone and their cousin has posted an editorial on the question of whether KU is good or bad for authors.

Being neither an author nor a publishers, I sat out the debate,  but as I looked over the links I collected for tomorrow’s Morning Coffee post I realized that had an excess of links for this one topic. And even though I have no opinion either way on the question, I can see that I am in the minority.Here are 6 different takes on this question, including a couple which address the point from unusual tangents. Continue reading

The Future of eBooks? Streaming is Now 21% of Music Revenues in the US

streamingonefifth[1]One of my unanswered questions at the moment concerns the ebook subscription market. While some companies like Safari Online have been in this market for nearly a decade, the market really only took off in late 2013 when Oyster and Scribd launched competing services.

It’s too early to guess make any reliable predictions as to how this market will grow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the matter. And today I came across a chart which will add to the debate. Continue reading

Why do so few Mobile Web Browsers Offer a Distraction-Free Reading Mode?

I am having a problem, and you might be able to help.

Earlier today I set out to write a post which was going to round up all of the mobile web browsers and explain how to access the ad-free reading mode. I wanted to show you how to find a way strip out the ads and see something like this demo of the “Reading View” mode from Amazon Silk: Continue reading

A Kindle Which Plays Games, and Speaking the Same Language

I had a conversation this week that made me sit back and wonder whether I missed a major shift in how people are talking about technology. Continue reading

Christmas Eve Open Question: Got a Question about your new Tablet or eReader? Ask Away!

It’s Christmas time, and that means new gadgets under the tree / on the desk. And since new stuff often has a learning curve, I am here to help.

I know a lot about budget Android tablets (but less on the name brand models) and I know a thing or two about ereaders.

Stumped by trying to locate a feature on a tablet? Ask, and let’s see if I can help. At the very least I should be able to point you in the right direction.


Open Question: iBooks for OSX was Updated – Did it Fix Anything?

Apple has question markrolled out an update for the bug-ridden iBooks for OSX Mavericks, but I can’t find any details on what was changed. Most of the stories say nothing more than that the update included bug fixes and stability improvements.

The lack of detail is frustrating, and since I don’t have a Mac I am throwing the question open to the audience. Have you downloaded the update? Has the app improved?

Why Does Everyone Keep Trying to Reinvent the Book?

If you liked the discussion over a new effort to rename ebooks as codeXes then you’ll love this story.

A reader has brought my attention back to MadeFire.  This is a 2 year old digital comics startup that has been getting a lot of attention lately, and according to FasctCo they plan to reinvent the comic book: Continue reading

Do We Really Need a New Term for eBook?

There’s a new post over on Slate today that has me scratching my head, and I wanted to see what you thought. The post is a little wordy and IMO entirely on the wrong track, but I wanted to see what my readers thought. Continue reading

Could Publishers Start Windowing eBooks Again?

QuestionMarkThe ruling against Apple today for their role in the price-fixing conspiracy is generating a lot of debate over who’s right, who’s wrong, and what this could mean for the ebook market.

One commenter on this blog made an offhand remark about the possibility that publishers might respond to Amazon’s strong market presence by not windowing content, and I thought it worth sharing: Continue reading

Breaking News: Self-Publishing is Now a Cult

Can someone tell me exactly when self-pub became a cult and stopped being simply a generic term for a variety of business models?

  • Self-publishing has become a cult (

In case it’s not clear, I’m posting this question without analysis in order to draw attention to this writer’s hostility and name calling. I find his claim to be so lacking in supporting evidence that it does not need rebutting or refutation. Merely the manner in which he presents his arguments defeats the arguments.