Random House of Canada signed with Overdrive

Random House and Overdrive announced a new distribution agreement today. In the near future, participating libraries in Canada will be able to buy and loan ebooks published by Random House of Canada.

Um, why are we just now seeing this announcement in 2011? It's hard to believe that this one of the big 6 publishers, and it took them this long to get their ebooks into libraries.

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Seth Godin’s first Amazon published ebook coming 1 March

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In December, international-bestselling author Seth Godin and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced a new publishing imprint, The Domino Project--the first to use Amazon's new "Powered by Amazon" publishing program. Now Godin and Amazon are unveiling the first book--written by Godin--from The Domino Project, "Poke the Box," which will be published worldwide on March 1. Continue reading

Carlsen Comics to use Aquafadas’ digital comics platform

Carlsen are one of the 3 biggest comics publishers in Germany, and they also publish in Denmark and Sweden.

This story is really just a footnote, but I find it interesting. Digital comics are about to go into the format wars that ebooks went through in the past decade. I'm still researching it, so I don't know much yet. But

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Borders won’t be paying their landlords this month

First Borders stopped payments in late December, and now they're stopping payments in late January. This is truly the beginning of the end.

In case you're wondering, no I'm not enjoying the coming demise of Borders. This is going to leave a large swath of the country without a large bookstore. That is a very bad thing.

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Aquafadas to release digital comic tool

Aquafadas will soon release Comic Composer,their digital comic programming tool. This isn't a graphics tool, though I'm sure it has those functions.

One key detail that separates digital comics from paper is that digital comics aren't just page images. There are now at least a couple formats for digital comics that include code that can control what part of the page you see and in what order.  Pan, tilt, zoom, and rotate can all be coded into certain digital comic formats.

I'm going to have to look into this software niche. I think this is the 3rd tool I know of for programming comics.

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Comixology to launch affiliate program

Comixology announced a new affiliate program today. their retail partners can now sell digital comics from Comixology on their respective store website. All comics bought through the affiliate program will work on any part of the Comixology platform, including the browser, iOS, and Android apps.

This is potentially a great idea, but to really make use of it a comic store would have to have developed a loyal customer base or perhaps built a community around their site.

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Borders secured $550 million in new financing

Borders just announced that they have a promise of $550m from GE credit. Their plan is to use this money to restructure and basically not have to go bankrupt. We already knew about this financing, but what we didn't know was the conditions GE Capital attached. There are several conditions such as store closure, etc, but here's the pass-fail point:  In order to get this money, Borders have to convince vendors and creditors to change the $125 in unpaid invoices into debt.

There are already reports that some publishers won't go along with this. I don't know that thiis is going to happen.

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Ebrary add fiction titles to library offering

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In response to requests from the public library community, ebrary today announced that it has added popular fiction e-books to Public Library Complete™. The collection now includes more than 3,200 e-books in romance, science fiction, mysteries, children’s fiction, and other types of fiction published in 2010 and earlier. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Singles now available in the Kindle Store

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Before the advent of digital reading, writers often had to choose between making their work short enough for a magazine article or long enough to deliver the "heft" required for book marketing and distribution. Three months ago, Amazon made a call to serious writers, thinkers, scientists, business leaders, historians, politicians and publishers to join Kindle in making a new kind of content available to readers--Kindle Singles. Continue reading